Today is Get To Know Your Customer Day for Q3. While it may not be the oldest, most legitimate holiday of all time - it can be a valuable opportunity for your business' eCommerce marketing. For two reasons:

  1. Knowing Your Customer - who they are, why they chose your company/product, why they will or won't recommend it to friends, and other feedback can be relevant when making important business decisions.
  2. Revenue Opportunity - Any holiday or celebration can be used to create the context for customer communication and leverage for eCommerce marketing campaigns.

Know Your Customer

Recently, we addressed the importance of understanding your customer in a post about using forms in order confirmation emails to collect information. Much of the same emphasis applies for a Get To Know Your Customer Day campaign.

Customer Feedback

Use the holiday as an opportunity to request feedback from your customers. Try segmenting your email list based on the frequency of transactions and ask your customer what encouraged or discouraged them from making another purchase. Be informative and tell your fans that you're reaching out for Get To Know Your Customer Day. If it makes sense, offer a unique discount code or access to limited sale items if they provide feedback.

Product Requests Or Process Suggestions

Ask your customer what products they'd like to see available on your site. Collective this qualitative data and consider it when making product-related decisions. Similarly, ask your customers about the process they completed when making a transaction on your site. Good, bad, or ugly - honest customer reviews are priceless to any business.

Sell, Sell, Sell

If you want to get to know your customer, remember that actions speak louder than words. So, what better way to get to know your customer than by reviewing data related to purchases?


Whether it's one-to-one reaching out or segmented campaigns, be sure to reach out to your customers today. They'll feel appreciated and become far more likely to buy from you again. Knowing your customers will help you understand what they want and how you can reverse engineer your marketing to convert them into repeat buyers.