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More than 22 million orders synced.
That’s an all-time gross merchandise value (GMV) of $5.5 billion.


Marketing automation and eCommerce, together at last.

Deep Data Integration

All your Magento data — right in HubSpot.

All of your customer information and all your order history is gathered in one place for you to analyze and act upon quickly and easily. VIEW ALL MAPPED FIELDS


Learn who your most valuable customers are through behavior and order history data. It’s all captured and synced for you automatically.


What happens in Magento, doesn’t stay in Magento. Our integration moves your data to HubSpot so you can market immediately.


Identify and analyze what’s selling and to whom — all from the convenience of the world’s most advanced marketing automation system.


See customers’ order histories in HubSpot, create campaigns, and take other marketing actions quickly and simply.
Deep integration with pre-mapped fields

Growth Tools

Get the most out of each interaction.

Our growth tools enable you to strategically yet simply encourage repeat business from customers who’ve already purchased from you.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Nearly 70% of online shoppers leave carts behind. Our abandoned cart messages ensure you win those customers back.

Order Confirmation Emails

With high open rates, order confirmation emails enable you to earn even more business from business you’ve already earned.

Dynamic Coupon Codes

Create unique offer codes ranging from repeat order discounts to offers specific to products, customer segmentations, and more.

Support for Your Stack

What’s your growth stack look like? Let us help you ensure it’s generating the most revenue possible for your online business.
dynamic-coupon-codes-960Created with Sketch. Coupon Value Applies To Active Dates Entire order Selected products Date in the future Between specific dates Percentage Discount type 15% off fathers day 2018 Coupon Snippet Name Search Products 30 Expires in days % 15 Discount value Coupon Code Format Firstname Custom Word / Merge Field FATHERSDAY Custom Word / Merge Field Sample: KEVIN-FATHERSDAY-DJCLKAB-2018 AUTOGENERATED Custom Word / Merge Field - - - 2018 Custom Word / Merge Field Coupon Generators / New Coupon Generator
Dynamic Coupon Code Generator

HubSpot Optimized for eCommerce

Marketing automation for eCommerce acceleration.

Take your business to the next level with our HubSpot–Magento integration — it’s fast, automatic, and customized to your business’ unique needs.

Custom Fields

Start capturing the information you need to understand and segment your customers better than ever before.

Industry-Leading Workflows

Developed through our extensive eCommerce experience, our workflows keep customers connected with your business.

Intelligent Lists

Group your customers into lists that allow you to evaluate, target, and market to the right audience at the right time.

Guidance for Growth

Looking for more than a HubSpot–Magento integration? Our growth specialists can help your business achieve your goals.
Lists created in HubSpot by Unific

Data Into Insights and Insights Into Action

Let data drive your direction

With a HubSpot–Magento integration, you can identify your best customers, market to them quickly and effectively, and analyze the results (then repeat).

Be Informed, Immediately

Put all the data you’ve built up in Magento to meaningful, effective use in HubSpot. Our integration makes the process seamless.

Gain Powerful Insights

Identify your best customers, products, and campaigns so you get a reliable north star to guide your online business.

Take Targeted Actions

Armed with data and a direction, you can create powerful campaigns designed for the right audience and delivered at the right time.

Refine, Refine, Refine

Review campaign performance, then enhance the process for ever more effective results and connections with your customers.
top-customersCreated with Sketch. R e c e n c y R a t i n g S t a r t D a y s E n d D a y s P e r c e n t o f C u s t om e r s N u m b e r o f C u s t om e r s T o t a l C u s t om e r Li f e t i m e R e v e n u e P e r c e n t o f C L R e v e n u e 5—Stars 30 17.26% 6834 $2,247,383.81 21.29% 4—Stars 31 60 10.19% 4037 $1,217,048.87 11.53% 3—Stars 61 90 9.99% 3956 $969,687.69 9.18% 2—Stars 91 180 21.26% 8417 $2,036,212.02 19.29% 1—Star 181 41.30% 16355 $4,087,696.83 38.72% Recency: 5—star rating based on days since last 100.00% 39,599 $10,558,029.22 100.00% F r e q u e n c y R a t i n g M i n N u m b e r o f O r d e r s M a x N u m b e r o f O r d e r s P e r c e n t o f C u s t om e r s N u m b e r o f C u s t om e r s T o t a l A mo un t o f R e v e n u e P e r c e n t o f R e v e n u e 5—Stars 5 4.55% 1801 $1,611,270.4 1 15.26% 4—Stars 4 4 3.31% 1311 $892,208.5 8 8.45% 3—Stars 3 3 7.10% 2813 $1,389,774.9 5 13.16% 2—Stars 2 2 17.69% 7006 $2,279,864.3 7 21.59% 1—Star 1 1 67.35% 26668 $4,384,910.9 1 41.53% Frequency: 5—star rating based on total # of Orders 100.00% 39,599 $10,558,029.22 100.00% M on e t a r y R a t i n g M i n A mo un t o f O r d e r s M a x A mo un t o f O r d e r s (l e s s t ha n ) P e r c e n t o f C u s t om e r s N u m b e r o f C u s t om e r s T o t a l A mo un t o f R e v e n u e P e r c e n t o f R e v e n u e 5—Stars $2,000 2.32% 917 $4,104,917.5 1 38.88% 4—Stars $1,025 $2,000 2.68% 1061 $1,589,794.0 2 15.06% 3—Stars $475 $1,025 5.94% 2353 $1,696,084.4 3 16.06% 2—Stars $65 $475 39.84% 15778 $ 2,611,545.0 7 24.74% 1—Star $65 49.22% 19490 $ 555,688.1 9 5.26% Monetary: 5—star rating based on total lifetime revenue 100.00% 39,599 $10,558,029.22 100.00%
Recency, Frequency, Monetary analysis to tell you who your best customers are so that you can market to the right people at the right time

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