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Data → Insights → Actions → Growth


Integrations between shopping carts and marketing automation platforms that are reliable, easy to use, fast and deep. Our integrations will get your data out of your Shopping Cart and into your Marketing Platform. We operate at a massive scale, syncing in the last 12-months:

  • 5,656,379 customers
  • 8,732,979 orders
  • $2,307,816 in gross merchandise value (GMV)
  • 39,963,395 abandoned carts


Our 80/20 Analysis and RFM Segmentation Report turns your data into insights. We'll uncover all the opportunities for growth that are hiding deep in your data. We may find a hidden lever that could lead to explosive growth. At a minimum, we'll be able to prioritize actions based on what your data is telling us to do.


Our Growth Tools like Dynamic Coupon Code Generation provide ecommerce-specific functionality that compliments and enhances your Marketing Platform. Our Marketing System, consisting of out-of-the-box customer segmentation, workflow templates, reporting and more, provides marketing infrastructure that will help you compress time to value for your Marketing Platform and ultimately achieve growth with less effort and time.

Growth Services

For you and other merchants that need help with strategy and/or execution, we offer services that compliment our software and ensure compressed time-to-value. Our belief is that we must accelerate the build-measure-learn feedback loop, using data as our guide.

Whether you're a team of one or a mid market merchant, we offer a full suite of services that cover each stage of your relationship with Unific.

Our Suite of Services

Premium Onboarding

Experience a new level of service and support with Unific. Our onboarding services help you get the most value possible out of your tools and ours, while speeding up the process toward success. A variety of onboarding packages are available for your needs — all with our money-back guarantee.


Technical Onboarding

As data, HubSpot and API experts, we're in a position to guide your technical implementation of Unific. Technical Onboarding is designed for merchants that are connecting more than one store to HubSpot, or require technical help connecting Unific to a staging environment or with general troubleshooting of your Magento or WooCommerce connection.


Strategic Account Management

With expertise in Unific and HubSpot, and with intimate knowledge of your business, we will provide you and your team with growth strategy that ensures you will always be focused on growth and getting the most value out of Unific and HubSpot with your limited time.



Buy HubSpot from Unific and Benefit from Ecommerce Onboarding

Make the world’s most powerful marketing automation platform part of your growth toolkit. Connect your shopping cart system with HubSpot to capture customer data, automate key marketing messages, and more. Fields, data, and more are all synced automatically, in seconds.


HubSpot Ecommerce Refresh

The HubSpot Ecommerce Refresh is for merchants that are under utilizing HubSpot and know they could be doing more. Similar to our Ecommerce Onboarding service, the HubSpot Ecommerce Refresh jumpstarts your relationship with Unific and ensures you get back on track with HubSpot.