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Simplify Sales Process for Shopify Draft Orders

Streamline sales process & and increase ROI

Create draft orders in Shopify directly from HubSpot, save salespeople time, prevent errors & measure perfomance

Let Sales People Live In HubSpot

Stop jumping between Shopify & HubSpot. Organize draft oders with HubSpot & engage more

Use Shopify Products & Variants in Deals

Use Shopify products and variants directly in draft order quotes & deals instead of HubSpot products which can't use Shopify variants directly.

Manage Draft Orders as Deals in HubSpot

  • Prevent errors caused by manually copying a Shopify Draft Order as a Deal into HubSpot
  • Automatically close deals by sending reminders of open Draft Orders with sales sequences in HubSpot
  • Use Draft Order Invoice URLs to send prospects directly to Shopify Checkout
  • Keep track of Draft Order Ids, Draft Order Name, and Draft Order Statuses inside HubSpot and use properties for automation and personalization

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Make Sales Reps More Productive

  • Create draft orders from abandoned carts easily without switching between Shopify and HubSpot
  • Reps can seamlessly move between Shopify and HubSpot with Unific's CRM cards that let sales reps navigate directly to the customer in Shopify
  • Automatically Move Deals to Closed Won
  • Track revenue generation company-wide or by account executive and by date
  • Customize which HubSpot deal pipeline the draft order deals get organized in

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One-click access to the customer in Shopify with Unific's CRM card on HubSpot Contact and Deal Records

Convert More Shopify Draft Orders into Sales

  • Automate Draft Order follow up with Workflows
  • Enroll contacts into sequences that nurture and remind customers of open draft orders
  • Track email opens and clicks with HubSpot
  • Automatically notify sales reps to follow up at key touchpoints

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Close More Deals

Quotific lets Sales People Use HubSpot’s Powerful Sales Pipeline & Automation to Help Organize and Track Shopify Draft Orders

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Without Quotific + HubSpot With Quotific + Hubspot
 Shopify Admin shows a long list of draft orders with paging. Quotific uploads draft orders into HubSpot into the appropriate deal pipeline and deal stage
Older draft orders go to the next page and get forgotten and just sit in place. Can't automatically nurture stale draft orders. Older draft orders stay in the pipeline for sales managers to track and/or automated nurturing can be triggered when draft orders get stale.
Salespeople have to spend mental energy remembering older opportunities and lose concentration on current opportunities. Salespeople can rely on automation to remind them of older opportunities and have a greater focus on current opportunities.

Quotific creates draft orders as deals in any HubSpot sales pipeline allowing the sales rep to be assigned to the deal automatically or manually. Sales reps can be assigned tasks automatically to follow up if any draft order deal gets stale.




Awesome app!

As a company we were trying to get Shopify and HubSpot to integrate, but the native built in Shopify and HubSpot integration really didn't do much for us.


It would just show the order number in HubSpot which wasn't very helpful for us. With Quotific, we are able to create drafts straight from HubSpot which is pretty cool. The interface is really user friendly.


Our Shopify products automatically populate and we can add discounts and invoice notes. It is pretty seamless. The customer support was great too. We had some unique use cases that we had asked them to help us with and they worked really hard to be able to make that work for us.


Overall I'm very pleased with the app.

Benjamin Winters

Nurture draft orders with deals in HubSpot but let customers use the high converting Shopify Checkout process

Quotific lets Sales reps manage and nurture Draft orders with HubSpot, while sending invoices to customers via Shopify.


This allows customers to checkout directly through Shopify, with transactions and payments integrated with Quickbooks, accounting software, inventory, and all other required Shopify apps.


Shipping methods from Shopify are available to select and can be estimated during draft order creation.

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Flexible: Configure Deal Pipelines to Work How Your Team Wants to Work

  • Configure which Deal Pipeline and Deal Stage the Shopify Draft Orders or completed orders land into.
  • Change the Deal Stage and Pipeline manually and the deal will only move to the pre-configured state if the draft order status changes!

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Customize deals to move to any deal pipeline or deal stage.

Track the Sales Team's Performance on Closing Draft Orders

Accurate reporting on close rates with a single transaction for draft order and completed order.

If the draft order closes, Quotific will convert that draft deal order into a completed order deal and best of all, lets sales managers create clear reports.

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Report Example: Funnel Report, what percentage of draft orders converted to completed orders

Multi Store Support Out of the Box

For those juggling draft orders across several Shopify stores with your sales team, Quotific CPQ has got you covered!


Prevent jumping from one store to another - just change the store with the drop down and you can make it in the other store. 

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How Quotific Works

01: Create Shopify Draft Order from Hubspot

Inside HubSpot, Quotific allows you to create a Shopify draft order for a Contact or a Deal.

Just select a Contact or Deal and click "Create Draft Order" and the Quotific CPQ screen will appear directly in HubSpot.


And yes, it works with multiple stores!



02: Select Shopify Products and Variants to add to Draft Order

Select from the list of products that exist in Shopify instead of the products that exist in HubSpot. Quotific uploads Products and Variants from Shopify into HubSpot automatically.



03: Add Discounts, Shipping, and Notes to the Draft Order

  • Add discounts to the draft order with reason for the discount.
  • Select shipping location and shipping address - or don't! It's optional!
  • Add a draft order note and it will be added to the draft order 



04: Confirm & Create Draft Order, then Send Invoice through Shopify or HubSpot

  • Create the draft order in Shopify
  • Confirm then send invoice to the customer through Shopify or later through HubSpot



05: Manage Draft Orders as Deals in Hubspot

  • Draft orders will be pushed into HubSpot as Deals to be tracked, managed, and nurtured by salespeople or automatically.
  • Choose any sales pipeline for the draft order deal to go into to provide clarity and organization.
  • Once the customer pays via Shopify's Draft order invoice URL, the existing draft order data will be updated and a deal closed date will be set automatically - preventing a second deal for the same transaction and ensuring accurate reports.