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Used by B2B Ecommerce Brands All Over the Globe

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No Stress, Just Success

Setting up software can be difficult. Connecting two or more software systems can be even more difficult. Learning how to use all your software to its fullest potential is hardest of all. Unific turns these challenges into checkmarks on your “done” list. We’ll configure your tools, integrate them seamlessly, and train your team on best practices.

Accelerate Time to Value

We understand that when you choose to purchase a shopping cart or marketing automation platform, you’re making an investment in your business — not just a financial one, but also an operational one. Time matters here. We can help you reduce the time it takes to start seeing real value in the tools you’re using in your Ecommerce business.

What's Included

  • You will meet with your Implementation Specialist for four one-hour screen share meetings during the month-long program
  • Your Unific account will be fully configured to ensure you’re receiving maximum value as quickly as possible
  • We’ll help you setup HubSpot for the Unific Marketing System that comes with your Unific subscription
  • Your Implementation Specialist will help you put together a growth strategy, answering questions like:
    • How should I prioritize my work with Unific and HubSpot to ensure I'm moving towards achieving my goals and objectives?
    • What workflows should I setup?
    • What can I do with my data?
    • Where are my biggest opportunities?
    • What should I stop doing? How can I save time, accomplishing more and grow more?
Markus Bohunovsky

"We are a local spa in Denver, and as we are planning to expand into multiple locations, a simple, powerful system for tracking sales and marketing to customers is absolutely crucial. Unific is part of our core strategy. We are using it, to tightly integrate our online sales channel, POS and CRM. Apart from the powerful features it contains, we have always had great support from the team at Unific, in the setup phase as well as during our years of use—and they even helped us out with flexible options when we were in a tight spot. Highly recommended!"

Markus Bohunovsky
Co-Founder, CFO
5 Star Salt Caves Inc.