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How it works


  1. Create a Free Account
  2. Connect Hubspot and your cart
  3. In the Unific portal make a coupon rule with name, products, discounts, expiry date, etc.
  4. In Hubspot set a workflow with a trigger of your choice
  5. Set CREATE COUPON as an action and pick the name of the rule you created
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Create all the rules you need and automate coupon send outs

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Create unique coupon discounts for this who have abandoned their cart. Set it once, and let it work.  

New Customer Discounts

After their first purchase send a personalized coupon based on what they bought. 

Newsletter Sign Up Offers

Increase your newsletter community offering a special discount on their next purchase in exchange for email sign ups.

Loyalty Programs

Send some personalized love to your customers on special occasions like birthdays. Automation lets you keep in on autopilot.

We create coupon properties you can use in HubSpot emails

  1. Every time a coupon is created for a customer, a Coupon Code property as well as a Coupon Expiration Date date is populated in HubSpot.
  2. Use these properties directly in your Marketing emails for personalization.
  3. You can also track all the coupon codes created for each contact and the last coupon they used.

Sign Up for Dynamic Coupons

Create your coupons from HubSpot based on a user triggered event

  • No More Manual Bulk Coupon Creation!
  • You will generate individualized one-time-use discount codes for customers who meet specific qualifications.
  • Your segmentation strategies will be elevated to new heights with the utilization of RFM fields.

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Easy peasy! Create your first automated coupon in less than 5 minutes.

No coding required.

That's right, for Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Shopify you don't need a developer to get this done!


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