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Big Spenders



promising customers



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Low Value




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Eliminate Guesswork from Behavioral Segmentation

Who are my Champions? Are my New Customers progressing and growing in value? 


Customer Segmentation is key to any customer marketing strategy, but trying to uncover key segments from mountains of data is like finding a needle in a haystack.


Dynamic Segments help you identify actionable differences in customer behavior and divide your audience into distinct groups. Saving you time and effort. 

Act on Transitions to Improve Retention

Quickly identify customers moving from one segment to another and fine-tune your engagement efforts.


Are Champions starting to Drift? Engage them with some of your most popular products. Are you losing New Customers? Reactivate them with a time boxed offer.







at risk customers


Churn Risk

lost customers





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Unific AutoSeg


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Send the right message at the right time

  • Turn Prospects into New Customers
  • Convert New Customers into Promising Customers
  • Retain Promising Customers and move them to either Loyalists or Big Spenders
  • Retain Loyalists and Big Spenders while nurturing them into Champions
  • Re-engage Drifting Customers
  • Recover Churn Risk Customers
  • Win back Lost Customers


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Don't waste time on cumbersome buyer persona projects.
Don't waste time on expensive "data scientists".

Take the power of your data in your hands.
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