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Loved by ecommerce brands all over the globe, including:

Deep Data Integration

Sync your BigCommerce data to HubSpot and get growing!

All of your customer information, plus your entire cart order history, is gathered in one place for you to analyze, segment and act upon quickly and easily.


Learn more about your customers with additional properties and fields automatically added to your data.


Identify the products and services that your customers want and leverage them for even greater revenue and growth.


Prepare for the future by learning from the past. All your BigCommerce order history is seamlessly transferred into HubSpot.


Whatever the interaction, our integration ensures it has a spot in the world’s most advanced marketing automation platform.
Deep integration with pre-mapped fields

Growth Tools

Revolutionize your revenue.

Engage with current customers to drive additional revenue and encourage potential customers to complete their purchases.

Order Confirmation Offers

Make compelling offers and encourage repeat business in emails that customers expect to receive — and open often. It’s a win–win.

Coupon Code Generation

Our HubSpot–BigCommerce integration comes with dynamic coupon code support so you can make the right offer at the right time.

Maintain the Momentum

Integration was the first step. If you want to take your business to the next level, our growth specialists can work with you to do just that.
dynamic-coupon-codes-960Created with Sketch. Coupon Value Applies To Active Dates Entire order Selected products Date in the future Between specific dates Percentage Discount type 15% off fathers day 2018 Coupon Snippet Name Search Products 30 Expires in days % 15 Discount value Coupon Code Format Firstname Custom Word / Merge Field FATHERSDAY Custom Word / Merge Field Sample: KEVIN-FATHERSDAY-DJCLKAB-2018 AUTOGENERATED Custom Word / Merge Field - - - 2018 Custom Word / Merge Field Coupon Generators / New Coupon Generator
Dynamic Coupon Code Generator
Brett Rudolph
“I just wanted to say it's been great working with you guys, and if you ever need me to hop on a call with a prospect and talk you guys up I am more than happy. I think it's safe to say this is going to be a great partnership.”
Brett Rudolph
Director, Global Ecommerce

BigCommerce Optimized for eCommerce

It’s bigger than an integration alone.

Our HubSpot–BigCommerce integration enhances and expands your online store and customer data and how you use it for growth.

eCommerce Properties

Your integration features custom fields that capture data specific to eCommerce so that you always have the information you need.

Forward-Thinking Workflows

We applied our extensive eCommerce experience in building revenue-building lead workflows. Now, they’re all yours.

Segmented Customer Lists

Your HubSpot–BigCommerce integration comes with smart lists that organize customers by behavior based on eCommerce best practices.

Ongoing Support

The Unific team is available to assist you with any troubleshooting or customization you might need for your online business.
Lists created in HubSpot by Unific

Data Into Insights and Insights Into Action

A true north for your Ecommerce business.

When you integrate HubSpot and BigCommerce through Unific, you get more than data. You get a course charted for your success.

A Wealth of Data

Information is how you know what to do next. Our HubSpot–BigCommerce integration provides you with the data you need.

Gain Powerful Insights

Discover your best customers, products, campaigns, and more — all revealed by the data your integration provides.

Move Forward Confidently

Having a direction eliminates hesitation. Know what to do next in your online business with the data and insights you receive.

Pursue Perfection

Analyze, learn, and act. Then, repeat the process to continually refine and enhance your eCommerce campaign results.
top-customersCreated with Sketch. R e c e n c y R a t i n g S t a r t D a y s E n d D a y s P e r c e n t o f C u s t om e r s N u m b e r o f C u s t om e r s T o t a l C u s t om e r Li f e t i m e R e v e n u e P e r c e n t o f C L R e v e n u e 5—Stars 30 17.26% 6834 $2,247,383.81 21.29% 4—Stars 31 60 10.19% 4037 $1,217,048.87 11.53% 3—Stars 61 90 9.99% 3956 $969,687.69 9.18% 2—Stars 91 180 21.26% 8417 $2,036,212.02 19.29% 1—Star 181 41.30% 16355 $4,087,696.83 38.72% Recency: 5—star rating based on days since last 100.00% 39,599 $10,558,029.22 100.00% F r e q u e n c y R a t i n g M i n N u m b e r o f O r d e r s M a x N u m b e r o f O r d e r s P e r c e n t o f C u s t om e r s N u m b e r o f C u s t om e r s T o t a l A mo un t o f R e v e n u e P e r c e n t o f R e v e n u e 5—Stars 5 4.55% 1801 $1,611,270.4 1 15.26% 4—Stars 4 4 3.31% 1311 $892,208.5 8 8.45% 3—Stars 3 3 7.10% 2813 $1,389,774.9 5 13.16% 2—Stars 2 2 17.69% 7006 $2,279,864.3 7 21.59% 1—Star 1 1 67.35% 26668 $4,384,910.9 1 41.53% Frequency: 5—star rating based on total # of Orders 100.00% 39,599 $10,558,029.22 100.00% M on e t a r y R a t i n g M i n A mo un t o f O r d e r s M a x A mo un t o f O r d e r s (l e s s t ha n ) P e r c e n t o f C u s t om e r s N u m b e r o f C u s t om e r s T o t a l A mo un t o f R e v e n u e P e r c e n t o f R e v e n u e 5—Stars $2,000 2.32% 917 $4,104,917.5 1 38.88% 4—Stars $1,025 $2,000 2.68% 1061 $1,589,794.0 2 15.06% 3—Stars $475 $1,025 5.94% 2353 $1,696,084.4 3 16.06% 2—Stars $65 $475 39.84% 15778 $ 2,611,545.0 7 24.74% 1—Star $65 49.22% 19490 $ 555,688.1 9 5.26% Monetary: 5—star rating based on total lifetime revenue 100.00% 39,599 $10,558,029.22 100.00%
Recency, Frequency, Monetary analysis to tell you who your best customers are so that you can market to the right people at the right time

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