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The HubSpot Ecommerce Playbook

Your guide to thriving with HubSpot as an online merchant. This guide offers an in-depth view into the most powerful platform for ecommerce growth.


Learn how merchants are using HubSpot to accelerate growth, as well as tips and tricks from our own experts for how to calibrate it for yours.


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FB - Ecommerce Marketing Maturity Model

The Data-Driven Ecommerce Marketing Maturity Model

This guide is to show aspiring brands how they can identify where on the maturity model their business is, how to use data to be more sophisticated and find actionable insight hidden in their customer data to foster growth.


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Read the ultimate guide to abandoned cart marketing

Abandoned Cart: The Ultimate Guide

This guide covers everything you'll need to know about abandoned cart shoppers. We'll look at what causes shoppers to abandon a cart, checkout optimization, and recovery campaigns using retargeted ads and email automation.


We focus on simple, tactical tools and strategies that can be implemented to improve cart abandonment rate and revenue recovery.  


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WEB - 80_20 Ebook

A Primer on the 80/20 Rule for Ecommerce

In order to drive your business forward, you have to be able to target the customers that are bringing you the most benefit, but in a sea of orders, how do you figure out who they are?


This article covers a time-tested approach to segmentation that is becoming very popular in ecommerce.


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