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“I just wanted to say it's been great working with you guys, and if you ever need me to hop on a call with a prospect and talk you guys up I am more than happy. I think it's safe to say this is going to be a great partnership”

Brett Rudolph
Director Global Ecommerce

"Worked with Unific on Hubspot and was so impressed with their capabilities and talent. They tangibly grew our business incrementally and were a blast to geek out with. "

Aisha Khan
VP eCommerce & Digital Strategy
Vireo Health Inc.

Understand Your Customers


Create relevant ecommerce marketing strategies for each segment.


Has spent the most and the most often.

Big Spenders

Spends the most on each order.


Spends normally on a regular basis


New repeat buyers

New Customers

First time buyers with a normal order value.

Low Value

Lost customers with a low order amount



Get A Free Segmentation Report

Customer Segment Report

Discover your Retention Spectrum, your Revenue Concentration, and your Core Customer Percentage.


Get A Free Segmentation Report

Buying Behavior Based Persona Generation at Scale

We identify actionable differences in your customer's buying habits and divide them into distinct groups.



Get A Free Segmentation Report

Take Data Driven Actions With Growth Tools

Automatically Segment Customers

Dynamic Segments automatically segments your customers in real-time, helping you automate the customer journey with advanced segmentations normally out of reach of most ecommerce marketers.

  • Increase conversions and retention
  • Personalize at scale
  • Automate your segmented customer journey using a single property in HubSpot

Learn about Dynamic Segments



Send Unique Coupon Codes

Automatically send unique, expiring coupon codes with advanced critera with the Coupon Generator.

  • Preserve margin while increasing conversions
  • No more coupon code sharing
  • Targeted codes based on product, category, buying behaviors, and more

Learn About Coupon Generator



Sync Draft Orders from Shopify to HubSpot

Create Draft Orders in Shopify and sync them to HubSpot as Deals so that you can use the power of HubSpot to help track and close deals.


When the order is completed, the same deal is updated without duplication.

Learn about Draft Order Sync



Reliable, Fast, Easy, and Deep Integrations

Unific provides deep integrations between shopping carts and HubSpot.
Includes data enrichment custom field sync and more!

Free for under 1,000 orders/month



Learn about Integrations

33.4 Million

Orders Synced

$5.5 Billion

Gross Merchandise Value

42 Million

Abandoned Carts Synced

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