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Unific-Logomark-Blue Deep Data Sync

Customer Lifecycle Emails Abandoned Cart Sync Deep Data Sync

FREE Forever

­ $ 0

free forever

25 orders syncs per month
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  • Sync unlimited customers/month
  • Sync up to 25 orders/month
  • Sync to native HubSpot fields and 20 additional fields from store
  • Sync abandoned carts
  • Technical support to connect store and marketing platform
  • Last 30 days of historical orders


starts at: 20 /month

estimated month to month cost based on order syncs per month

order syncs per month
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Everything on Free Forever PLUS:

  • Sync unlimited orders/month
  • Sync custom fields
  • Sync 130 additional fields from store
  • Segment customers with RFM Data
  • Sync variant (product options) data on line items
  • Technical support
  • 20,000 historical orders
Group 23


starts at: $ 4,000 /year

Call us for deeper discounts when you commit to usage

Custom plan limits
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Everything on Growth PLUS:

  • Discounts on committed usage
  • Prioritized technical support
  • 100,000 historical orders
Group 21

Dynamic Coupons

Single Use Personalized

Dynamic Coupons FREE

Create one fully featured coupon rule for free with a limit of 100 coupons per month.

$ 0 /month

free forever

50 coupons created per month
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Dynamic Coupons Metered

Create unlimited fully featured coupon rules and create unlimited coupons.

$ 0 /month

to get a price estimate, enter how many coupons you might generate per month

coupon generations per month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Free plan really free?
Yes! Our Free plan does not require a credit card and users will never be charged while on this plan. The Free plan has limitations and minimal support options, but is a great way for merchants to test the functionality or for low-volume merchants to start their sales growth journey.
What is metered billing?
Metered (usage-based) billing is not a new concept, we use it to pay our electricity, water, and more recently our phone and internet charges. Metered billing enables Unific users to simply only pay for what they use. Our per order sync charges decrease at higher volumes. You can use the tools on this page to estimate your monthly cost, or chat with us and we will help you understand cost based on your estimated order volume.
What happens if I receive a spike in orders?
If your online store is the victim of a malicious attack that causes a spike in your order volume, please contact us and we will work with you to ensure that your Unific bill reflects your legitimate activity only. If you have a legitimate spike in orders (yay!) and are concerned about increased costs, contact us to discuss our annual Growth and Scale plan options with allow for larger discounts with committed usage.
How is the annual Growth plan billed?
When signing up for the Growth plan inside the Unific app, you can choose monthly metered billing or our discounted Annual plan. We will use your average order volume from the previous X months to estimate your future order volume. With the Annual plan you get the benefit of locked-in pricing at a 10% discount and your cart data history sync is included. You will be charged for the whole year at the time you choose this plan.
What is advanced field mapping?
When integrating systems together, the fields in the source system should be mapped to the fields in the destination system. For example, the customer's billing address in the shopping cart should be mapped to the contact's billing address in the Email Marketing Platform. Unific does all that for you. However, since we don't know your business as well as you do, there may be certain fields in your shopping cart that you want mapped differently. Advanced field mapping allows you to map any field in your cart's customer object to any field in your Email Marketing Platform's contact object.
What data syncs between platforms?
Unific syncs Customers, Orders, Products and Abandoned Carts from your Shopping Cart to HubSpot. If you are using HubSpot, Unific creates a Contact for every new customer, a Deal for every new order, and a Deal for every abandoned cart. Also, order line items are associated to Deals in HubSpot as HubSpot Products.
John Brown Photo
"Unific understands what matters to an eCommerce business. They drive value through innovative and consistent automation tools and techniques. Their strategy is helpful and their implementation is always on target."
John Brown
Cents of Style
“I just wanted to say it's been great working with you guys, and if you ever need me to hop on a call with a prospect and talk you guys up I am more than happy. I think it's safe to say this is going to be a great partnership”
Brett Rudolph
Director Global Ecommerce

"Initially, we engaged with Unific solely for their integration solution between Magento and Hubspot. However, as soon as we appreciated the competence, professionalism and ecommerce-specific know-how of the Unific team it immediately became evident that they could support us in a more personalized way for the whole onboarding process."

Raffaello Starace
Co-Founder & Strategic Projects Director
GAIA Design

"WE LOVE UNIFIC! The first campaign we put together was an abandoned cart campaign, that has been extremely successful! We started a new campaign last week and are already seeing results!"

Marcy Burke


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