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Managed Ecommerce Retention Packages

Data Driven Insights 14-day Money Back Guarantee Take Consistent Action


­ $ 1,399 /month
4 workflows created or optimized/month
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  • Email Management
  • Email copy
  • Performance scorecard
  • Customer Segment Report
  • 2 Calls per month


­ $ 3,199 /month
8 workflows created or optimized/month
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  • Email Management
  • Email copy
  • Performance scorecard
  • Customer Segment Report
  • 3 Calls per month


­ $ 4,899 /month
12 workflows created or optimized/month
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  • Email Management
  • Email copy
  • Performance scorecard
  • Customer Segment Report
  • 4 Calls per month

Launch Impactful Campaigns

Choose From The List of Campaigns Below

Campaigns that only need Unific data sync and HubSpot Campaigns that need additional apps
Abandoned cart recovery with smart filters Smart abandoned cart recovery
New customer welcome Recover drifting customers 
Second order nurture Popup 10% off for new customers
Third order nurture Survey request after receiving a product
New product announcement Review request after receiving a product
Cross selling  / Up-sellling Send gift card card after survey or review filled up

How It Works

You Choose

We'll provide a customer segmentation report with the data to help you choose the best next campaign to launch.

We Build

We'll put the campaign together including finding the right customers to target and we'll even write the email copy.

We Launch, Monitor & Optimize Campaigns

We'll launch and monitor the campaign. We'll watch conversion rates and aim to increase them with consistent experiments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the campaigns?
We'll provide a Customer Segmentation report to understand the behavior of your customer base and their strengths and weaknesses.
How will you optimize the campaign?

Humans react to incentives. Our team will work with incentives such as discounts, rewards and information about your products. We'll monitor how incentives drive your customers behaviors and adjust their value depending on the conversion rate.

Can I stop at any time?

Yes, you can stop our service at any time and the campaigns are yours to keep! We'll be working inside your HubSpot portal and with your data to help drive results. 

Will the emails match my brand?
Yes, the emails will match your brand. We'll look at the emails you are already sending and copy them.
Do I have to choose from the campaigns above?
 If you have additional ideas we are open to implementing them. The campaigns must relate to customer retention. However, the campaigns we recommend are proven and tested, so it's best to start with them.
What kind of results can I expect?
Results depend on the number of customers you have, the number of orders, the average order value, and a lot of additional factors. Taking action consistently provides results by engaging your customers at the right time, so over time the retention of your customer base should increase. 
What's included in the calls per month?
In the call, we'll determine which campaigns you want to launch or we will analyze the results of campaigns we already launched in the past. Then make a plan for the next month of campaigns.
What is a Customer Segment Report?
The Customer Segment Report will give you insights about the customer behavior. For example, which segments are churning, which segments are buying more often and which segments require more help. The insights can be used to take action.
What campaigns do you recommend we launch first?
We definitely recommend launching your abandoned cart, new customer welcome, and get second-order campaigns. Most brands stop there, but it is not enough to truly retain your customers. 

Need help choosing a plan or have other questions?

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