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Born out of ecommerce

In 2013, Unific co-founder Dan Kurt needed to sync data from the Shopify store he and his wife operated to their marketing platform in order to grow their business. When no reliable, cost-effective solution presented itself, he contacted a friend from college (co-founder Parag Jagdale) to help him build an integration … with that phone call Unific (then named Revenue Conduit) was born.


Since that time we're proud to have helped over 2,000 ecommerce brands grow. And, with their feedback continued to develop innovative solutions to meet the rapidly evolving needs of ecommerce stores worldwide.




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FREE for less than 1,000 orders/month

Take advantage of Unific's deep shopping cart to HubSpot integration with 1,000 orders synced per month free! The sync also includes unlimited customer sync, unlimited products sync and up to 2,000 abandoned cart syncs per month all for free!

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Deep Integration built for Ecommerce

Integrate and Get Growing!

All of your customer information, as well as your entire cart order history, is gathered in one place for you to analyze, segment and act upon quickly and easily.

150 Pre-mapped Properties

Pre-mapped properties for orders, customers, abandoned carts and products, allow you to skip all the setup and get to work segmenting or analyzing your customers in HubSpot.

Custom property mapping

Custom fields from the shopping cart can be mapped to HubSpot properties easily -- just incase the pre-mapped properties are not enough.

Abandoned Cart Sync

Unific syncs abandoned carts to HubSpot as Deals allowing you to segment based on what was added to cart and send offers with Unific Coupon code generation feature.

Pre-built workflows & lists

When you connect your HubSpot account in Unific a number of smart lists and workflows that map to the customer lifecycle are automatically added to HubSpot.
Deep integration with over 150 pre-mapped fields

Integrate multiple carts with just one app

Unific integrates Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce with HubSpot all using a single app.

Unific creates the exact same properties in HubSpot named in a consistent way no matter which of the supported shopping cart you use. 

This allows you, the merchant to learn just one system that works across all carts. It also allows Agencies to learn just one system so that multiple agency clients using various carts can work in the same system.










Unific's dynamic coupon code builder enables you to easily create offers, sync them to HubSpot and send within your HubSpot campaigns.

Use offers to reward loyal customers, incentivize additional purchases or as a way to capture abandoned carts.

Unific's coupon builder prevents fraud, sharing or misuse with built-in protective features like "one and done" expiration, use-by dates and more.

dynamic-coupon-codes-960Created with Sketch. Coupon Value Applies To Active Dates Entire order Selected products Date in the future Between specific dates Percentage Discount type Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020: 50% Discount Coupon Snippet Name Search Products 4 Expires in days % 50 Discount value Coupon Code Format Firstname Custom Word / Merge Field BFCM Custom Word / Merge Field Sample: KENDALL-BFCM-T6Y8B230001-2020 AUTOGENERATED Custom Word / Merge Field - - - 2020 Custom Word / Merge Field Coupon Generator / New Coupon
Unific's Dynamic Coupon Code Generator enables you to create unique, trackable offer codes with ease.

Unific vs Zapier and similar platforms

Unific is built for Ecommerce

Horizontal integration platforms like Zapier are just syncing data for data’s sake and not putting a well thought out system in place for e-commerce data inside of HubSpot.

Death by 1,000 Zaps article

Ecommerce data has a complex lifecycle

Because ecommerce data has a lifecycle, you will need to create a "zap" for every update or create event an object can have. It will be difficult for you to understand all the things your shopping cart is doing and configure Zapier to work correctly

Zapier requires Manual Mapping

Horizontal platforms require you to map your data manually and you never know exactly the data you need. With Unific's focus on ecommerce, we already know what fields you need to map and we do that out of the box!

Abandoned cart lifecycle in cart and HubSpot is complex.

How is Unific Different?

GDPR Ready & Privacy Shield Certified

We take our responsibility as a steward of your data seriously. Unific is Privacy Shield certified, GDPR compliant and we are capable of providing a Data Processing Agreement to customers who require it for corporate compliance.

Unific's Privacy Shield Listing

Unific Privacy Shield Certification

Fast Sync

Unific's sync is near-real-time! Unific primarily uses Webhooks to get data from the shopping cart while competitors use Polling. 

Once data enters Unific, it takes less than two seconds to sync the data into HubSpot.

See Unific Status


More Reliable

Unific has a 99.89% uptime and best of all, Unific is transparent about the sync status. You can subscribe to updates in case there is an incident. 

Unific also autoscales with the load, so no matter how many customers we onboard or how many customers are having 'flash' sales or a big increase in traffic, Unific will scale with it!

See Unific Status


Better Magento 2 Integration

Unific's Magento 2 extension was built from the ground up to be low impact on the server running the Magento 2. It was also built to make the Magento 2 Administrators's life easy by giving them full control of how often webhooks are sent. 

Unific developed it's own Webhooks based extension and an event streaming architecture to ensure a fast sync and doesn't rely on polling which can be very slow. 

Learn more

Minimal Server Load

Unific moderates data flow to adhere to ensure your site performance will not be impacted even on your busiest days.

Learn more.

Technical Help Available

For merchants with complex Magento 2 implementations, Unific offers expert Magento 2 Onboarding services to ensure your integration is set up correctly and syncing.

Magento 2 Multi Store Support

No matter how many websites, stores or storeviews you have in your Magento 2 instance, Unific includes which storefront the customer was active on. This allows store-specific segmentation.

Proactive Monitoring

We’ve built constant, proactive monitoring into Unific with automated systems that detect anomalies in the webhooks we are getting. We don’t just monitor order webhooks and syncing. We also monitor webhooks and sync for customers, abandoned carts and coupon code generators. Our monitoring systems will alert us if we are not getting webhooks, or if there are spikes for a particular customer and a number of other monitors.


We also monitor HubSpot and it’s API. If we are experiencing latency or failure, we’ll know and we can temporarily pause the sync for our customers until issues are resolved. Unific's backend uses an event streaming architecture which automatically allows for retries and your data will just get synced when the services are back without asking your store’s API again for that data.


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Unific is making two new products


Customer Segmentation is key to any customer marketing strategy, but trying to uncover key segments from mountains of data is like finding a needle in a haystack.

SegLogic uses your ecommerce data and identifies actionable differences in customer behavior and divides your audience into distinct groups and adds the group the contact belongs as a property in HubSpot. Saving you time and effort.

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Quotific makes it easy to create and send Shopify Draft Orders without ever leaving HubSpot. Stop manually copying information from HubSpot to Shopify, and start selling more with less effort.

    • Sell more
    • Save time
    • Track performance
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Data-driven but simplicity minded

We believe data can (and should) inform nearly every action taken to grow an ecommerce business. From website traffic and conversion rates to average order value and customer lifetime revenue there are a set of numbers to help you understand where you've been, where your going and how to exceed your goals.


Our team embraces data and the promise it holds for growth. We also know many ecommerce store owners and marketers do not have the time or analytical expertise to extract the insights hidden within your data. That's why we try to help make your data easier to understand. We'll help interpret your data and present you with simple, actionable recommendations to grow. 



Unrivaled HubSpot experience and expertise

Unific has been a HubSpot Connect partner since 2015.

With over 2,000 HubSpot portals using Unific to sync their store data to HubSpot, we've learned a lot and use that knowledge to make high quality products to help HubSpot become the Ultimate Ecommerce Growth Platform