Unific's beginnings

The origins of Unific date back to 2013 when a frustrated Dan Kurt (Dan is our co-founder) was looking to help grow his wife’s online jewelry store.

He was trying to utilize his site’s visitor and customer data to deliver customized messages to targeted audiences, all while using the principles of 80/20 analysis and RFM segmentation.

His frustration stemmed from the challenges of integrating his CRM with his eCommerce platform. His only solution? Call upon a longtime friend from their days at The Ohio State University, Parag Jagdale, and work together to build something that seamlessly integrated marketing data with his eCommerce platform.

That initial integration eventually became our first application, Revenue Conduit, which we made available other ecommerce merchants not long after.

Growth and innovation

It was not surprising that other merchants were looking to solve the same problem. As Revenue Conduit found an audience, the company quickly became more than a "side hustle" for Dan and Parag.

They eventually left behind their "bootstrapped" status and took on strategic investments to accelerate growth, add team members and continue innovation.

We've also developed many partnerships, none stronger than with our friends at HubSpot. We recognized their ambitious goals were similar to our own, and forged a strong bond as both a development and agency partner. Today, we're the only HubSpot partner recognized as top-tier in both development (Premier) and agency services (Diamond).

When technology improvements enabled better, faster, and more robust integration, our team built the next generation of ecommerce integrations platform. This new platform was named Unific and launched in 2018. Unific enables merchants to not only sync data from cart to HubSpot, but also includes automated data enrichment and actionable analytics.

Where we’re headed

A lot changed in the past six years. The company has rebranded from Revenue Conduit to Unific. More integration options have come about, and more in-depth services are now available to help merchants expand and enhance their ecommerce marketing efforts.

At Unific, our vision is to be a true north for ecommerce growth through data, insights, and action.  Everything we do and provide is founded on these goals — and always will be.

We’d love to have you along for the journey. Whether you’re just beginning to explore your shopping cart or marketing automation options, learn how the two can be connected for better results, or want to take advantage of industry-leading analytics and growth strategies, we want to help you achieve your goals as quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly as possible.