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Loved by ecommerce brands all over the globe, including:

Customer Experience Management at Scale

Create smarter email/SMS workflows

  • Put customer-specific insights effortlessly into a preferred email marketing platform, like HubSpot.
  • Craft email sequences and workflows based on customer behavior, encompassing churn risks, lifetime value, product preferences, and segmentation details.
  • Deliver tailored content to the right audience automatically, ensuring timely and personalized interactions.

Personalized Customer Journeys

  • Unific's AI-driven algorithms create unique journeys for each buyer by analyzing their buying behavior
  • Use HubSpot to create a library of workflows that create specific messaging to each segment of customers which translates into a personalized journey

Create cross-sell, upsell email workflows

Unific aggregates the products and categories the customer bought from and syncs them to the contact record so that you can easily create cross-sell and upsell email campaigns with rules based on purchase history.

Real-time Buying Behavior Analytics

Gain insights into your customers at an aggregate level or per customer level enabling you to make data driven decisions.
Segment insights

Lifecycle Workflows and Email Service

Increase the revenue from customers you already have with personalized messaging and targeting without having to learn HubSpot by yourself.


Unific's professional services team will build:

Essential Workflows

Unific has workflows leveraging industry best practices that can be installed in HubSpot to shorten the time needed to start engaging with your customers.

Pre-Built Smart Lists

Create lists for segments we upload into HubSpot

Data Enrichment

Unific automatically calculates and appends key fields for RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) segmentation in HubSpot.

Test, Learn & Grow

When your shopping cart data is combined with the already powerful event tracking data HubSpot is capturing on your store, you can test, learn, and optimize like a pro!

Example of lists that can be built.

Coupons & offer codes made easy

Unific's Dynamic Coupons product enables you to easily create customized offers, sync them to HubSpot, and send them with your HubSpot workflows using Custom Actions.

Use offers to reward loyal customers, incentivize additional purchases, or as a way to convert abandoned carts.


Unific's coupon builder prevents fraud, sharing, or misuse with built-in protective features like "one and done" expiration, use-by dates and more.

All products or specific product discounts

Get fine-grained control over which products are allowed in the discount.

All products or specific collection discounts

Control which collections the price rule applies to.

Relative or specific expiration dates

Set coupon code expiration date to be either relative (for example, 10 days) or on a specific date.

HubSpot workflow custom actions

Unific made a Create Coupon Code "Custom Action" which can be used on Contact-, Deal- and Ticket-based workflows!

Unific's Dynamic Coupon Code Generator enables you to create unique, trackable offer codes with ease.

Quick and painless installation

Seamless integration with your e-commerce store ensures a hassle-free setup process. Simply connect your Shopify store to Unific and Unific will download data from your store and start crunching it right away!

Then you can start getting segment insights within your Unific account, then enrich HubSpot with all that analytics goodness!



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