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More than 22 million orders synced.
That’s an all-time gross merchandise value (GMV) of $5.5 billion.


It’s more than an integration. It’s a direction.

Deep Data Integration

All your eCommerce data in one spot: HubSpot.

Our HubSpot WooCommerce integration bridges the gap between platforms to help you take what you’ve learned in your cart and act on it in HubSpot.


All of your WooCommerce customer information is seamlessly and automatically synced in HubSpot for fast access.


Get insights into the products and services that sell best, create effective campaigns around them, and market to engaged buyers.


View historical orders and analyze numerous aspects of how your customers are buying from your eCommerce business.


Your customers’ histories and interactions with your online business — not just their information — are carried over.
Deep integration with pre-mapped fields

Growth Tools

Engage customers to expand opportunities.

Earn more revenue from customers who’ve already bought from your online business — and those who are close to purchasing.

Rescue Abandoned Carts

You have products in carts, but the carts aren’t going across the checkout line. Our campaigns help you save as much revenue as possible.

Order Confirmation Offers

Turn receipts into revenue. With high open rates, order confirmation emails are a great way to encourage repeat business.

Coupon Code Generation

Create virtually any type of coupon, set the parameters you want, and send them to segmented customer lists.

Support for Growth

Our growth specialists can help you put these and other growth tools to effective use for your online business.
dynamic-coupon-codes-960Created with Sketch. Coupon Value Applies To Active Dates Entire order Selected products Date in the future Between specific dates Percentage Discount type 15% off fathers day 2018 Coupon Snippet Name Search Products 30 Expires in days % 15 Discount value Coupon Code Format Firstname Custom Word / Merge Field FATHERSDAY Custom Word / Merge Field Sample: KEVIN-FATHERSDAY-DJCLKAB-2018 AUTOGENERATED Custom Word / Merge Field - - - 2018 Custom Word / Merge Field Coupon Generators / New Coupon Generator
Dynamic Coupon Code Generator

HubSpot Optimized for eCommerce

WooCommerce and HubSpot. It’s something to cheer about.

Our integration uses the data gathered in WooCommerce for even greater revenue and growth opportunities in HubSpot.

Custom Fields

Start capturing the information you need to understand and segment your customers better than ever before.

Industry-Leading Workflows

Developed through our extensive eCommerce experience, our workflows keep customers connected with your business.

Intelligent Lists

Group your customers into lists that allow you to evaluate, target, and market to the right audience at the right time.

Guidance for Growth

Looking for even more than a integration? Our growth specialists are here to help your business identify and achieve your goals.
Lists created in HubSpot by Unific

Data Into Insights and Insights Into Action

Find your eCommerce north star

With a HubSpot–WooCommerce integration, you get the information and functionality you need to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Information is Everything

As an eCommerce business, knowing what to do next matters. Our integration gives you the data to chart your course.

Discover Hidden Gems

Learn who your best customers are, what campaigns are most effective, and where you should focus your efforts.

Act With Confidence

Why spend time on tasks that don’t lead to growth? Integrate WooCommerce and HubSpot so you know that your work is paying off.

Refine Your Approach

As your integration helps you learn, you can continually revisit your strategy and make improvements for further growth.
top-customersCreated with Sketch. R e c e n c y R a t i n g S t a r t D a y s E n d D a y s P e r c e n t o f C u s t om e r s N u m b e r o f C u s t om e r s T o t a l C u s t om e r Li f e t i m e R e v e n u e P e r c e n t o f C L R e v e n u e 5—Stars 30 17.26% 6834 $2,247,383.81 21.29% 4—Stars 31 60 10.19% 4037 $1,217,048.87 11.53% 3—Stars 61 90 9.99% 3956 $969,687.69 9.18% 2—Stars 91 180 21.26% 8417 $2,036,212.02 19.29% 1—Star 181 41.30% 16355 $4,087,696.83 38.72% Recency: 5—star rating based on days since last 100.00% 39,599 $10,558,029.22 100.00% F r e q u e n c y R a t i n g M i n N u m b e r o f O r d e r s M a x N u m b e r o f O r d e r s P e r c e n t o f C u s t om e r s N u m b e r o f C u s t om e r s T o t a l A mo un t o f R e v e n u e P e r c e n t o f R e v e n u e 5—Stars 5 4.55% 1801 $1,611,270.4 1 15.26% 4—Stars 4 4 3.31% 1311 $892,208.5 8 8.45% 3—Stars 3 3 7.10% 2813 $1,389,774.9 5 13.16% 2—Stars 2 2 17.69% 7006 $2,279,864.3 7 21.59% 1—Star 1 1 67.35% 26668 $4,384,910.9 1 41.53% Frequency: 5—star rating based on total # of Orders 100.00% 39,599 $10,558,029.22 100.00% M on e t a r y R a t i n g M i n A mo un t o f O r d e r s M a x A mo un t o f O r d e r s (l e s s t ha n ) P e r c e n t o f C u s t om e r s N u m b e r o f C u s t om e r s T o t a l A mo un t o f R e v e n u e P e r c e n t o f R e v e n u e 5—Stars $2,000 2.32% 917 $4,104,917.5 1 38.88% 4—Stars $1,025 $2,000 2.68% 1061 $1,589,794.0 2 15.06% 3—Stars $475 $1,025 5.94% 2353 $1,696,084.4 3 16.06% 2—Stars $65 $475 39.84% 15778 $ 2,611,545.0 7 24.74% 1—Star $65 49.22% 19490 $ 555,688.1 9 5.26% Monetary: 5—star rating based on total lifetime revenue 100.00% 39,599 $10,558,029.22 100.00%
Recency, Frequency, Monetary analysis to tell you who your best customers are so that you can market to the right people at the right time

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