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Loved by ecommerce brands all over the globe, including:

Customer Experience Management at your Fingertips

Sync your WooCommerce data to HubSpot and get growing!

All of your customer information, plus your entire cart order history, is gathered in one place for you to analyze, segment and act upon quickly and easily.

Customers & Prospects

Unific syncs your shopping cart customers and prospects to HubSpot as Contacts.

Orders & Checkouts

Unific syncs orders and checkouts (including abandoned carts) to HubSpot as Deals.

Custom Fields

Need to sync fields not covered by our default field map? We have you covered. Unific allows users to map additional or custom fields to HubSpot.


Unific syncs products from orders and checkouts to the related Deal and Contact records.

View default field map

Sync 150+ fields from WooCommerce to HubSpot.
Nichole Crowley
B2B Manager
War Tribe Gear
"Unific has been a delight to work with from the start. This is a very responsive team, always ready to help us find the best solutions that custom fit our needs. With their support, we have been able to get the very most out of HubSpot making it a vital part of our daily operations."

Unific optimizes HubSpot for ecommerce

Unlock the potential of HubSpot's powerful automation capabilities and maximize the return on your investment with WooCommerce to HubSpot integration with key features like:

Pre-Built Smart Lists

When you connect your HubSpot account in Unific a number of smart lists that map to the customer lifecycle are automatically added to HubSpot.

Automation Included

Unific creates essential workflows (leveraging industry best practices) in HubSpot to shorten the time needed to start engaging with your customers.

Data Enrichment

Unific automatically calculates and appends key fields for RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) segmentation in HubSpot.

Test, Learn & Grow

When your shopping cart data is added to the already powerful event tracking data HubSpot is capturing on your store, you can test, learn and optimize like never before!
Unific creates a number of dynamic smart lists inside HubSpot to help automate customer lifecycle marketing.

Features that WooCommerce merchants & web developers love

Earn more revenue from customers who’ve already bought from your online business — and those who are close to purchasing.

Coupon Code Builder

Create virtually any type of coupon, set the parameters you want, and send them to segmented customer lists.

Multi-Store Support

Connect multiple stores regardless of shopping cart platform to a single HubSpot account and segment customers based on the store they shopped.

Rescue Abandoned Carts

No need to reinstall the plug-in with every WooCommerce update or release, Unific always supports the latest API version.

Minimal Server Load

Unific moderates data flow to adhere to rate limits to ensure your site performance will not be impacted even on your busiest days.
dynamic-coupon-codes-960Created with Sketch. Coupon Value Applies To Active Dates Entire order Selected products Date in the future Between specific dates Percentage Discount type Win-Back 2020: 30% Discount Coupon Snippet Name Search Products 7 Expires in days % 30 Discount value Coupon Code Format Firstname Custom Word / Merge Field WELCOMEBACK Custom Word / Merge Field Sample: KATHERINE-WELCOMEBACK-A0-2020 AUTOGENERATED Custom Word / Merge Field - - - 2020 Custom Word / Merge Field Coupon Generator / New Coupon
Unific's Dynamic Coupon Code Generator enables you to create unique, trackable offer codes with ease.

"We appreciated your onboarding process and service you offer. Also, your software is awesome when we started diving into it in the back end of HubSpot."

-Tyler Howard | PatraCompany


"WE LOVE UNIFIC! The first campaign we put together was an abandoned cart campaign, that has been extremely successful! We started a new campaign last week and are already seeing results!"

Marcy Burke | Co-Founder | Avidog


"Unific understands what matters to an eCommerce business. They drive value through innovative and consistent automation tools and techniques. Their strategy is helpful and their implementation is always on target."

John Brown | COO | Cents of Style


“I just wanted to say it's been great working with you guys, and if you ever need me to hop on a call with a prospect and talk you guys up I am more than happy. I think it's safe to say this is going to be a great partnership.”

Brett Rudolph | Director, Global Ecommerce | SodaStream


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