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How Unific Adds Value

For partners serious about growing their ecommerce vertical, Unific is able to provide far more value than a recurring 15% commission.

Expand your retainers

HubSpot is not just for marketing anymore. Astute agencies are recognizing that a deep, seamless integration between a shopping cart and HubSpot enables cross-selling Hubs and additional services that drive growth across the full customer journey. 


Unific is able to offer co-branded or white-labeled Customer Journey Analysis Reports. Far too many merchants are following a standard-playbook of having a single automated workflow for key campaigns like abandoned cart recovery, new customer welcome, cross-sell, and more. Unific's Customer Journey Analysis provides a blue-print for you to offer a data-driven approach to execute or overhaul your clients automated marketing.  

Help you close Ecommerce deals

Leverage our Ecommerce and HubSpot expertise to help you close deals with prospective Ecommerce clients. Think of Unific as a sales enablement solution.

Earn Commissions For Lifetime of The Customer

Refer customers to Unific using our Referral Tracking links and get a 15% revenue share.

Help merchants grow

Offer your marketing expertise & the power of HubSpot to thousands of Ecommerce merchants around the world. Let Unific worry about integrating the shopping cart & HubSpot.

Remove obstacles with Free Forever Plan

Use Unific's free forever plan to get your customer's data syncing with HubSpot immediately without any commitment. Show your customers what you can do for their business with their own data inside of HubSpot. 

Align with your Customers' Growth

With Unific's metered billing plan, referring Unific aligns your success with your agency customers' success. The more your customers' order volume increases, the higher your revenue share payment from Unific will be.

Be Data Driven

Everything Unific does revolves around data. Whether it's syncing data from a client's shopping cart to HubSpot to analyzing their customer's buying behavior or product mix. The numbers guide all decision making & our mutual customers win because of it.

Why Unific?

Unific integrates 4 of the worlds most popular shopping carts (Shopify, Magento 2, WooCommerce and BigCommerce) with HubSpot.

Standardized sync across supported carts

Unific syncs data in a consistent way to HubSpot no matter which supported cart is connected.  This means you and your team only have to learn one system of how Ecommerce data syncs and can expand your services to more than a single type of shopping cart.

Reliability and Transparency

Unific has a 99.99% uptime and best of all, Unific is transparent about the sync status. You can subscribe to updates in case there is an incident. 

See Unific's sync status at status.unific.com.

Fast Sync

Unific uses Webhooks to get data from the cart whenever possible instead of polling. This makes Unific's sync happen in near-real-time!

You can see sync speed at status.unific.com


Data sync and migrations can be difficult and are major obstacles to your merchant's success. With pre-mapped properties and Unific's historical data sync service, you and your merchant can skip the stress and go directly to using the data inside of HubSpot.

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Does Unific provide agency services?

Unific doesn't provide digital marketing services, content management, or ad management.

We are good at helping merchants get their Ecommerce data into HubSpot in a reliable, accurate, and practical way. When one of our prospects needs a full-service agency, we are in a position to refer business. 

Have questions? Schedule a call with us.

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You manage client relationships

Our partners see us as a "secret weapon" to make their client relationships stronger. You benefit from the ability to take advantage of our ecommerce analytics and integrations expertise while you manage the diverse range of other needs your client has.

We Handle the

We don't require or force you or your clients to work with Unific for anything more than the integration or our other software products.

How the Unific Partner Program Works

Partners get a "referral link" to share with their customers who can use the link to sign up for their Unific account. When the customer uses that link to sign up for Unific, they will get assigned to the partner that provided their referral link.

After the customer upgrades to a paid plan, the partner will receive a 15% commission on the charges Unific makes to the customer every month.

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"Before we found Unific, we launched with another application that linked HubSpot with Shopify. Within a very short period, we noticed that we were in trouble. The other company was not responsive, and their support was severely lacking. That's when we started to look for another solution.


We found Unific and quickly realized that we found the right company to partner with. We had many questions once we jumped on and we made many errors on our part, but Unific's support has been great. They have answered all of our questions and resolved all our errors to provide great value to our clients. Thank you Daniel and the Unific team."

Etienne Turner
Co-Founder and Senior Inbound Marketing Manager

Unific has been a fantastic partner for a HubSpot/Magento 2 project.
They've truly gone 'above and beyond' (something we really appreciate) when it comes to both their service and adapting their product to meet our client's circumstances. Highly recommended.

We were originally exploring using PieSync, but seeing as they couldn't operate at a 'Deals level' it really would not have worked at all.
The Unific team have proven to us at every stage they are in this for the long term, which gives us confidence to recommend them time and time again.

Martin & Elisa Shervington

Ready to get started? Let's set up a time to chat about your business, goals and how we can help you make your customers more successful.