Imagine being a salesperson, juggling multiple priorities. You're rushing to pick up your daughter from school for her dentist appointment when a prospect calls. They need a quote, and your commission depends on sealing the deal. The catch? You only have time to enter the data into one system but your company needs it to be in both Shopify and HubSpot.

In our experience, salespeople often face this dilemma. Balancing work, family, and meeting quotas can be overwhelming. Technology should be an enabler, not a hindrance. Customers demand a seamless buying experience, just like shopping on Amazon, even for B2B transactions.

This is why we developed Quotific CPQ. It bridges the gap by allowing salespeople to meet their quotas without switching between systems frantically. With Quotific CPQ, creating quotes and managing draft orders (we call them quotes) within HubSpot, integrated with Shopify, becomes a breeze.

Salespeople no longer struggle to close draft orders in HubSpot. Quotific CPQ empowers them to handle everything efficiently within the HubSpot environment, saving time and ensuring a smoother sales process.

Quotific CPQ not only benefits sales people but also sales managers. Managers gain complete visibility over the sales process and track open draft order to closed order rates, making it easy to discover gaps and ensuring their sales team members receive the commissions they deserve.

Quotific CPQ's impact is clear. Our salesperson, in the midst of a busy schedule, can create quotes while speaking to customers, manage draft orders effortlessly, and still find time for family. It's about striking that elusive balance between professional success and personal life.

In essence, Quotific CPQ is here to empower salespeople and their managers to help enhance customer experiences and make life a little more manageable for all. Our goal is to simplify your professional life, so you can savor the moments that matter most in your personal life.