Dynamic Coupon Code Generation

Send virtually any type of coupon code within your campaigns. Options include expirations, products/collections, minimum order amount, free shipping and more.

Campaign Builder
Build customer campaigns using our point-and-click campaign builder to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Segmented Order Confirmations

Order confirmation emails can have a 60 to 70% open rate. With Unific, you can turn your receipts into revenue.

Deep Segmentation
Send segmented order confirmations to new customers, repeat buyers, VIPs, and segment based on product and collection data.

Order Confirmations + Lifecycle Campaigns
Start campaigns like New Customer Welcome with an order confirmation, followed by additional delays and emails.

Segmented Abandoned Cart Recovery

On average, 68.63% of all carts are abandoned. Unific helps you recover more abandoned carts, more quickly.

Deep Segmentation
Segment based the products and collections in the cart AND the data you have about your customer.

Delays and Multiple Emails
Send a second and third email and recover an additional 50% of abandoned carts. Add as many delays and emails as you want.

Campaign Starting Triggers


Campaign End Goals