Are you spending too much time going after new customers, instead of establishing stronger relationships with the ones that you have?What if some of the funnel choices you’ve made are causing you to attract weaker customers, and you don’t even know it?

That’s a current problem for the following business, one of the 18 companies highlighted in our 80/20 report. And in fact, they’re a fascinating case study.  They sell a functional beauty product for women, and while they are doing incredibly well sales-wise (between 3 and 10 million a year), a majority of those sales are coming from one-time buyers.

While in the full report we go more in-depth with the business, right now we want to take a look at some of their sales funnels to show how small tweaks could cause them to easily gain more recurring customers and additional purchases.

Let’s start with the banner you see towards the top of the page when you first visit their website:



This is a GREAT banner for new customers. It encourages people to test out the company, and helps push a minimum sale value of 45 dollars for the business. It helps create trust with a new consumer, and that’s great.

However, they geared it entirely towards new customers. And while this normally wouldn’t be a problem, so much of what you see upfront on the website is geared towards pushing new customers towards a one-time purchase, and very little is designed to promote repeat buying.

Check out this promotion that appears if you stay on the main page for a few seconds:

On one hand, this is a great, simple promotion that can attract a new customer and retain their information so that they can be persuaded later to buy again. However, this is an additional funnel that’s focused almost exclusively on first time buyers.

There are a few ways to get around this. One simple trick that we’d recommend them trying out is swapping out this offer for a “buy one, get one half off” style to see which one works better. If the second one does, then while they may not create a long-term customer, they’ve doubled the amount that customer has bought and significantly increased the average order amount.

An additional change we’d try is rewriting the copy to emphasizing that the different deals that you may get exclusively, i.e. instead of “exclusive deals just for you” it could be “exclusive 10%, 15%, and 25% deals for you”, which may encourage more people signing up and staying invested for longer.

Let’s take a look at one more example from their page. This is what you see when you click on “Register”:

While we appreciate the friction-less design, the fact that there is no copy around this about what you get by signing up, or giving you reasons why you should, is something we feel they should take a look at. If a customer doesn’t feel like they gain anything by signing up, they won’t, and we think they should put a few more resources behind doing that.

And we want to re-emphasize: This business is incredibly healthy in terms of sales. However, to better safeguard them against potential stop on new customers, we’d encourage them to get great repeat business this way.

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