It’s been about 9 months since the first online store signed up for Revenue Conduit. Since April, 2013, online stores from all over the world in one niche after the next have joined the Revenue Conduit family.

With our growth well under way, and the knowledge we have gained through working with clients and subscribers, it is now time to share our experiences and open a dialogue with you. This is our first post on the Revenue Conduit blog. You can expect many more.

Revenue Conduit started as a simple plugin built to scratch my own itch. Before Revenue Conduit was even an idea, my wife and I had an online jewelry store built on Magento. We were using Mailchimp for our marketing, and we were frustrated by the lack of integration between our shopping cart and our marketing.

We had two data silos and no real way to make them talk with each other in any meaningful way.

I went on a search to find something better and thankfully found Infusionsoft (it was love at first sight).

I signed up, went through the Kickstart and my mind began racing with all the possibilities. I partnered with a long-time friend and collaborator, Parag Jagdale, and we built the first version of Revenue Conduit to connect my own store with my marketing (now being run through Infusionsoft).

It wasn’t long before Parag and I realized we had something that other online stores absolutely needed.

I decided to become an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, and Parag and I got to work turning the first version of Revenue Conduit into what we have today.

Somewhere along the way, Revenue Conduit turned from being a hobby on the side into an all-consuming passion. The jewelry business was shut down, Parag started turning clients down, and we began focusing our efforts on building and growing Revenue Conduit.

Our passion comes from the fact that so many entrepreneurs have started online stores and are struggling to take the next step.

As they (you) pour their hearts and souls into growing their businesses, they are struggling because their online store is not connected to their marketing.

They are struggling because they have not embraced Lifecycle Marketing and marketing automation.

They are struggling because in this day and age, in order to compete with Amazon (the Walmart of the internet), lower prices are not the answer.

Selling a commodity is not the answer.

There has to be something more.

Something that differentiates you - a unique value proposition.

Just as you are pouring your heart and soul into your business, so too are we pouring our hearts and souls into Revenue Conduit.

The platform has been built and rebuilt three times.

We have added integrations between Infusionsoft and four of the top shopping carts - Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and Volusion.

We’re now beginning to develop deeper and deeper integrations, including shopping cart abandonment marketing and tying into the Infusionsoft Referral Partner system.

Really, we’re just getting started.

So much of what Revenue Conduit enables is delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, automatically!

In subsequent posts, we’ll dig into what this actually means.