Throughout 2020, we were busy working closely with merchants of all shapes and sizes to uncover the hidden opportunities and risks within their data. With feedback and input from some of our customers, we have developed the first version of what we're calling the Buying Behavior Analysis.


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Some of the questions we're answering are:

  • Am I attracting people who will become my core and high value customers?
  • Am I properly cultivating new customers so that they enter my core and high value segments?
  • Am I retaining my core and high value customers and continuing to provide them with the value they’re seeking?
  • Is my revenue too concentrated in a few parts of my customer base?

Watch the video above for a quick 20-minute deep dive into the Buying Behavior Analysis, and then request the free version, the Customer Segmentation Report, as the first step in better understanding your customers, and putting that knowledge to use as you strategize and execute towards growth in 2021.