I have some exciting announcements - after doubling the size of our development team and adding a full-time Quality Assurance Tester, we have been pounding out new features like never before! Today I have four new features to tell you about.

By the way, in all cases, these features were requested by you, our subscribers. Thank you for the feedback and your continued help in making Revenue Conduit the best it can be. Now on to the details...

Campaign ROI Tracking

Campaign ROI Tracking allows you to track how much revenue an Infusionsoft campaign generates month-to-date and all time. At the very least, you should be running a New Lead Capture, Nurture & Conversion Campaign as well as New Customer Welcome & Get a 2nd Order Campaign. Why? This is low-hanging fruit. With the Campaign ROI Tracker, you can know, without a doubt, how much revenue these and other campaigns generate. Take a look at the Helpdesk video for more information.

Coupon Code Syncing

If you use coupon codes, you're going to love this feature. When your customer checks out using a coupon code, Revenue Conduit will look for a Tag by the same name as the coupon code. If a Tag is not found, Revenue Conduit will create and apply it to your customer's contact record.

Why would you want to use this? Well, you can combine this feature with Campaign ROI Tracking to determine how much revenue resulted from your coupon code! Also, you can use the coupon code tag to segment within the campaign builder to ensure you do not send the same coupon code to the same person twice and to have a record of coupon code use for each customer. Check out the Helpdesk video for more information.

Order Status Automation

You can now have Revenue Conduit do an API Call to Infusionsoft when an order is created and updated for each order status. By default, Revenue Conduit does an API Call when an order is placed. We also do an API Call when an order is marked as paid (rfmcalc). Now, you can configure your own API Calls for each order status. Check out the Helpdesk video.

Last Product Bought Name

This is a simple but good feature. Last Product Bought Name allows you to merge in the name of the last product your customer bought. The field is then available to merge into a follow-up email. This is a simple feature to make your emails more relevant. Check out the Helpdesk video.