Marketers put a lot of time and effort into perfecting their digital newsletters and promotional emails. They see that these types of emails can generate leads, sales, and conversions, so they focus on making them perfect. But recent data trends  prove consumers are becoming conditioned to filter these messages in their inboxes, which means marketers must continue to look for additional opportunities to generate more sales.

Conversely, the majority of consumers agree that purchase confirmation emails are the most valuable items in their inbox, and they are opened at a much higher rate. These emails are a great way to capture your customers' attention and get them to engage more with your brand. Read on to learn about how you can use this fact to your advantage to generate more sales with purchase confirmation emails. 

Follow A Clear Template

When a customer is opening an order confirmation email, they expect to see a few common elements. Including these in your emails can ensure a great user experience and customer satisfaction. A happy customer is more likely to make a repeat purchase, so make sure your order confirmation includes:

  • What they ordered - include details about the product and how much it cost
  • Shipping details - state the shipping method, the address the order will be shipped to and when the customer can expect to receive it. If there's tracking information available, include it here.
  • How the customer can find out more details - i.e. an order number, and who they can contact for help or questions with their order. Make sure to include customer service information.
  • A thank you - don't overlook the opportunity to include a short thank you message. Thanking the customer for their purchase can really give this email a more personal feel, and will show them that you really do appreciate their business. Your customers love to feel appreciated!

It's also a great idea to personalize confirmation emails. Address your customers by their first name, and add the name of the product they bought into your thank you message. Keep it short and friendly, and make sure to include links to your customer care site. It'll give you more credibility and make you seem like a trustworthy seller. And your customers will know that you're there to help if they have any problems.

Make sure your confirmation email is optimized for mobile, as many people access these emails on their phones. And it's important that you send the confirmation out immediately after purchase. No one likes that nervous wait between when their order was placed and when the confirmation comes through, so be prompt!

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Ask For A Review, A Like, Or A Share After A Purchase

A purchase confirmation email should include links to your social media accounts, which means it's the perfect place for you to ask a customer for a quick like, review, or share. Word of mouth about your product or company is a very powerful tool, and engaging your constituents on social media is an excellent way to generate buzz about your brand. The truth is, people are influenced by what their friends and family are buying, and they trust what their acquaintances have to say. Social proof is a big deal in marketing today, and leveraging this via social media can increase your conversions. If someone sees that their friend bought your product, it may inspire them to do the same!

Asking for a review can be especially important at this stage, as nearly all of online shoppers read reviews before deciding on a purchase. While the pleasant purchasing experience is fresh in their mind, ask them to write out a quick review. And make it easy for customers to write that review by providing them with a link. The easier it is, the more likely people are to take an action. Better yet, you can offer a reward in exchange for a review, or create a referral program so that customers can be rewarded when friends and family make a purchase.

Offer A Coupon Or Discount

As an extra way of saying "thanks for being a loyal customer," you can include a coupon or discount in your purchase confirmation order. Even a small gesture like offering 10% off their next order can encourage people to buy from you again. Free shipping on their next purchase can be a big selling point too. You may want to try a few different offers to see which one your customers respond to best. To increase urgency, you can put a limit on when this coupon or discount can be used (i.e. before the end of the month, in the next 30 days, etc.).

A discount offer or coupon makes your customers feel appreciated, and this also contributes to a positive customer experience. It serves as a reward for them being a great customer.

Use An Order Confirmation Email To Recommend Other Products

While your confirmation order should have all the basic elements mentioned above, you can also add a few other pieces to these emails to increase the likelihood of your customer making a repeat purchase. Of course, you don't want to bombard your customers with up-sells and other advertised products, but you can include a few best-selling products or items they may be interested in based on what they just bought.

You could also highlight your new products or use AI to recommend products to them based on their interests and demographics. Make sure you focus only on offering relevant products so that your customer always feels like they're getting a highly personalized experience.

These emails are a great tool to use to your advantage if you do it in the right way. The whole point of an order confirmation email is not just to let your customer know about the purchase they just made, but to really increase their satisfaction with your product and brand. It's your goal to keep your customer happy, and adding a bit of flair to your email can really make a difference and let your customer know that you care about making their experience enjoyable.

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