When we put marketing automation in place for a small online retailer that has done little more than send out email newsletters in the past, the results can often-times be staggering.

We started working with one particular client a few months ago. The project started with getting all of her historical data (customers, orders and products) out of her shopping cart and into Infusionsoft. In Part 2, I’ll explain how we then conducted an 80/20 analysis and put a reengagement campaign in place. For now, I’ll focus on our popup lead generation campaign.

Our approach is to always go after the low-hanging fruit first. We want to put campaigns in place that will to bring cash into the company as quickly as possible.

At the very least, we want the initial campaigns to pay for our implementation services, Infusionsoft and the Revenue Conduit integration between the shopping cart and Infusionsoft. Even more so, we want the initial campaigns to provide a quick ROI. For most small online retailers, there’s enough low-hanging fruit to bring in enough cash to move the needle and be meaningful.

Popups - love ‘em or hate ‘em, but they actually work.

With any sort of decent traffic numbers, a popup offering an enticing and valuable lead magnet can generate leads on a daily basis.

The popup we put in place for our client offered a Quick Start Guide for vaping (e-cigerettes).

There’s no offer of a discount - just valuable information to educate a visitor about the benefits of vaping!

Once the visitor opts in, they receive the Quick Start Guide in PDF form. Over the next 30 days, the lead receives 10 emails. Each email spoon-feeds information taken directly out of the PDF! Every few emails provide a call-to-action to visit the site to learn more.

The results? Since February 1st, the campaign has generated 774 leads. Out of the 774 leads, 14.98% or 109 people bought for the first time, spending a total of $11,996.97.

Better yet, those first time buyers have gone on to purchase a total of 177 times, leading to a total of $21,490.10 in revenue!

These numbers don’t even include the 76 existing customers that bought after opting in, nor the $8,579.20 in revenue they generated.

We don’t hide from the numbers. We embrace them and prove that marketing automation for small online retailers provides an ROI and will be directly responsible for growing the company.

Stay tuned for part 2!

If you’re a small online retailer doing nothing more than sending email newsletters, contact us and let’s chat and see what marketing automation can do for you.