We all know e-commerce is here to stay and still, Summer 2021 is going to be completely unique for this type of businesses. One thing we can all see coming is people going out again to enjoy the sun, the beach and every outdoor activity we can imagine, including shopping. With more people leaving their homes, specially on the weekends, sales are bound to be shared between the online and the offline world. But fear not, we have devised some cool strategies to turn down that heat wave.

Spoiler alert, coupons are our summer trend!  



Here are some key trends we have seen in the past that you can certainly take advantage of:

  1. Weekends tend to be the lowest sales days, you can counter this with weekend only coupons or offers. 
  2. Check your data to analyze which day is best for more expensive and cheaper items in order to create time-limited offers on those specific days. 
  3. Embrace the season and get creative with a seasonal offer or contest, be mindful of your customer and what they want which can be to go outside and breathe. Try to combine that with your brand experience. 

Research shows one clear conclusion: Coupons are the bomb, from seasonal offers to ongoing loyalty programes, newsletter sign ups, referral programes, their use cases are endless. They can be a key growth tool  for al type of e-commerce merchants.

Now, with the Unific Dynamic Coupons App, they are easier to use than ever before, allowing you to create the coupon directly from a HubSpot workflow. 

You heard us right, a HubSpot workflow.

Some ideas to include in your summer marketing strategies: 

  1. Have an always-on abandoned cart strategy that includes coupons. Check out how to build an easy abandoned cart coupon rule. 

  2. Newsletters are not going out of style and they can become key to attract and then cultivate customers. Check out how to build a coupon code for newsletter subscriptions. 

  3. Don't let yourself loose your customer base, be mindful of customers who could be at churn risk when habits change during summer. Check out how to build a coupon code for customers at churn risk