Do you remember that email I sent you a bit more than a week ago? The one asking for your help - for your vote? Well, all I can say is thank you!

Among 41 apps that were submitted, Revenue Conduit was named the #1 Kick Apps Champion in the Infusionsoft 2014 Battle of the Apps competition.

Winning is a huge honor. It’s validation for why we exist - to help you, the small business online retailer, connect your online store to your marketing so you can market like the Amazons of the world on a small business budget with some semblance of a work-life balance.

It is hard to find words to describe ICON14, the annual Infusionsoft conference.

More than 3,000 small business entrepreneurs descended upon the Phoenix Convention Center. The energy was intense. It was exhilarating, contagious and ultimately exhausting.

On the flight home, with adrenaline and exhaustion fighting the final fight, my fellow co-founder Parag and I reflected on where we are now and on how this all began...

A few years back, my wife and I were running an online store selling jewelry. We were using Magento for our store and Mailchimp for our marketing.

We wanted to automatically market to our prospects and our customers based on where they came from, what they were interested in and how engaged they were.

We wanted our online store to be deeply connected to our marketing. Mailchimp was not cutting it.

Infusionsoft showed up in a google search and my uncle also happened to be using it. So, we signed up, went through the Kickstart program and partnered with long-time friend and colleague, Parag, to build the first version of Revenue Conduit simply to scratch our own itch.

We began capturing and nurturing leads, turning first time customers into repeat buyers, and using marketing automation to automatically upsell, cross-sell and build relationships with our customers.

Parag and I opened our eyes and realized hundreds of thousands of online retailers could use Infusionsoft, too.

And so we got to work turning the first version of Revenue Conduit into what we have today. I became an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, and closed down the jewelry business. Parag began devoting substantially all his time to the development of the Revenue Conduit platform.

Just a year ago, at ICON13, we made our first sale. We now have 120 online retailers using Revenue Conduit, and we’re growing at more than 10% per month.

Each week, among all our clients, we’re syncing more than $2 million dollars in sales to Infusionsoft.

We’re just getting started.

Just a year ago Parag and I set a goal for ourselves to win the Battle of the Apps.

We’re now renewing our commitment to making Revenue Conduit even better for you. We have a big new feature coming out soon, and some bold plans for additional features that will help you grow your online store.

How will we spend our $10,000 prize? We’re certainly not going to Disney Land.

Everything gets plowed back into development!

And think about this - through Revenue Conduit, more than 400,000 online retailers can have a deep, seamless connection between Infusionsoft and their Magneto, Shopify, Bigcommerce or Volusion shopping cart.

400,000 online retails can now start growing their businesses by automatically capturing leads, nurturing prospects, and converting and up-selling customers.

We’re going after this market in a big way. The more clients we have, the better we can make Revenue Conduit for you. So if you know a fellow online retailer that could use Infusionsoft, please send them our way! As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, your fellow online retailers can sign up for Infusionsoft through us and benefit from an eCommerce Optimized Kickstart.

Thank you for being a part of Revenue Conduit. Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for pushing us, requesting new features and for telling us when we can do better.