Our podcast, eCommerce in the Trenches is now live!

I’m writing to you from the Content & Commerce conference in LA with some exciting news (if you’re here, stop by our Unific booth on the fourth floor).

Our podcast, eCommerce in the Trenches, is now live. Hosted by Shopify Build a Business winner JD Crouse, eCommerce in the Trenches shares real, tactical strategies for increasing your revenue. Retailer interviewing retailer plus other subject matter experts.

We have five really solid episodes live on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and Soundcloud.

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Episode 1: How to Sell 27,000 Units in 72 Hours - An Interview with John and Courtney Brown

In this episode of eCommerce in the Trenches, JD meets with John and Courtney Brown, the power couple behind online fast fashion store Cents of Style. Courtney discusses the years long struggle to become successful and the twists and turns they went through to becoming a multi-million dollar business. They also dive into how to maintain your brand vision and image while scaling and how various types of marketing can impact your strategy.

Episode 2: The Importance of Flexible Promotions - An Interview with Erik Christiansen from JustUno

In this episode of eCommerce in the Trenches, JD interviews Erik Christiansen, CEO and Co-Founder of Justuno, a powerful tool that allows online retailers to appeal to customers through on-site promotions and acts as a lead magnet. JD and Erik discuss the value of coupon codes and how they impact conversion rates. Erik reveals what kind of offers are engaged with the most and why, based on extensive data he and his team have collected. They also dive into how on-site and off-site marketing can be used in a single campaign to maximize conversions and improve customer experience. Read the entire interview here!

Episode 3: Raw Eggs, Goldilocks and a Purple Mattress - An Interview with Brett Swensen of OnPurple.com

In this episode of eCommerce in the Trenches, JD sits down with Brett Swensen, who calls himself the “email whisperer” for Purple. JD and Brett dive into how Purple’s unique marketing strategy disrupted the mattress industry. They discuss how it translates to YouTube commercials to email campaigns and more, and makes buying a mattress fun.

Episode 4: The Most Trusted International Shopify Agency - An Interview with Alex O’Byrne of We Make Websites

In this episode of eCommerce in the Trenches, JD chats with the founder of We Make Websites, Alex O’Byrne. Alex and his team lead the most trusted Shopify agency, focusing on web design, build and marketing. They discuss how marketing and strategies differ between large and small retailers and the ever-changing landscape of payments.

Episode 5: The Best Online Tea Company for Women - An Interview with Sheena Brady from Tease Tea

In this episode of eCommerce in the Trenches, JD interviews Sheena Brady, Owner of Tease Tea and a certified tea sommelier. Sheena tells JD about how quitting her job in hospitality and starting Tease Tea launched her into the world of ecommerce and Shopify, where she currently works as a Merchant Success Manager Lead – working with other retailers and ensuring their success everyday. Sheena tells JD about how she had to make a shift in her branding to attract, convert, and retain the customers she was looking for, and now uses her business to empower women. JD and Sheena discuss the various ways Tease Tea markets to their customers, from pop up shops to online marketing and promotions.