You spoke. We listened and delivered. We’re pleased to announce that Revenue Conduit now supports customer group and newsletter syncing!

Before explaining these new features, I would also like to announce that we’ll be hosting a webinar to demo these features and answer your questions about these new features or any other aspect of Revenue Conduit.

Based on your feedback, we may make this webinar a monthly ritual, providing you with demos of features, ideas on how to fully leverage Revenue Conduit and Infusionsoft, and answer any questions you have.

The webinar will be held on March 26th at 3pm CT. Click here to register!

Now on to the new features...

Customer Groups

If your online store serves various customer groups like retail and wholesale, you’re now able to sync the customer group to an Infusionsoft custom field on the contact record! Why would you want to do this? Good question…

Retail and wholesale clients need to be communicated with differently. You certainly do not want to include wholesale customers in any promotions designed for retail customers.

You may also want to have campaigns run differently based on the customer group. For instance, you may want to have a distinct new customer welcome campaign for wholesale customers, and another distinct new customer welcome campaign for your retail customers.

Taking things even further, you can now run RFM reports (purchase recency, frequency and monetary) for each customer group, and target reengagement, replenishment, reward and other campaigns to specific customer segments within a specific customer group.

For instance, you can now reengage all your wholesale clients that have spent more than $1,000 with you but have not purchased in more than 6 months. Very powerful stuff.

Customer Group syncing is supported for all four shopping carts we integrate - Magneto, Shopify, BigCommerce and Volusion.

To begin using the customer group syncing feature, please follow the steps outlined in our Knowledge Base. If you’re on Magneto, you will need to update your Revenue Conduit extension first. You can download the latest version here. For Shopify, BigCommerce and Volusion, all you have to do is a bit of setup in Revenue Conduit and Infusionsoft, all noted in our Knowledge Base.

Also, it is important to note that customer group syncing will happen from the point you update your settings forward.

All your existing customer group members will not be automatically updated in Infusionsoft. You can either manually update them by exporting a list of all your customer group members from your shopping cart, or if you’re interested in getting all of your historical customers, products and orders into Infusionsoft, talk with us about our Historical Data Service.

Newsletter Syncing

Does your online store ask customers during checkout if they would like to subscribe to your newsletter? If you’re using Magneto, Shopify or Volusion, Revenue Conduit will now recognize this and apply an Infusionsoft Tag that you specify to their contact record. Sorry BigCommerce customers - this data is not available via the BigCommerce API :(

It is important to note that when Revenue Conduit creates a contact in Infusionsoft, the contact’s email status is listed as unconfirmed. This allows you to still send emails to the contact whether or not they have specifically stated they would like to receive your newsletter.

With the addition of Newsletter Sync, you can now also apply a Tag specific for your newsletter. Please be sure to consider Infusionsoft’s email policies and your own policies and terms of service to ensure that you’re in compliance.

To learn how to set this up for your store, please refer to our Knowledge Base!

What’s next?

We’re just about done adding support for the Infusionsoft Referral Partner system. Soon you will be able to have affiliates drive traffic to your online store and give them commissions for any sales they generate. The code for this feature is done but we’re going through extensive testing prior to launch. Stay tuned…