How often do you go shopping, find something you like, get in line, hand the cashier what you'd like to purchase, then turn around and leave? If you're anything like me, almost never. So why do over 77% of online shopping carts get abandoned? More importantly, how do we get those customers to come back and complete their purchase? Strategic, automated abandonment email series - that's how.

Why Abandonment Marketing Emails Work

Of course, there are exceptions but a large majority of people adding products to the cart have a genuine intent to purchase. If you've seen the movie Hitch, the customer has gone 90 by adding the product to their cart and now it's your job to come 10. How do you do that? By providing them value.

What To Do

What most e-commerce companies default to a single email coupon code for their automated abandonment email strategy. Needless to say, consumers love coupon offers but why give up so easy on your intended margin? Sometimes it's better to use 2-3 emails to convert that consumer. Regardless, remember the essentials: include an image of the product and have an obvious one-click CTA for simple purchase completion.

Initial Communication - A Reminder

Often, people forget they have products left in their shopping cart. That means a reminder after 24-48 hours can be the nudge they need to follow through with their purchase. That doesn't mean they want to be reminded AND begged to complete their purchase. Show them you appreciate their consideration and that you'd appreciate their purchase!

Potential Next Email - Ask Why

Sometimes companies have no idea why so many people are adding products to their cart then leaving. The best way to figure out why your customer hasn't followed through is to ask! It's not rocket surgery, show them you respect their time but would like to learn why they didn't complete their purchase. You will learn about any number of issues, from frustration with the checkout process to shoppers inadvertently adding products to their cart. All of this information is incredibly valuable to an e-commerce business.

The Haymaker - Deal Or No Deal

If it's been multiple days and they've been sent 1-2 emails but are yet to make the purchase, it's time to make them an offer they can't refuse. It's coupon time - this is your Hail Mary attempt to win that customer's business. Send a straightforward email telling them how much you're willing to offer in savings (usually 5-15%), an image to what you're asking them to commit to buying, and an easy one-click purchase CTA.

In Conclusion

Remember, the consumer is telling you they like your product. They’re usually telling you they’d like to purchase your product. They’ve done 90% of the work, this is your chance to show them you’re willing to do 10% of the work for their business.