I spent a few hours reviewing the 2014 Revenue Conduit Action Plan this weekend, taking a look at our goals and the initiatives we planned in order to reach them. 

Goals are powerful things. I have found that once you write a goal down, the universe immediately begins to conspire and help you reach it. 

You meet people.

Opportunities present themselves.

Strange things happen. 

Back in December 2013, we set a monthly revenue target for April 2014 that seemed audacious at the time. We planned initiatives and detail after detail that we felt would get us there. 

And yet, in February, we reached our goal two months early. Our plans have not unfolded the way we anticipated. But we kept our eyes open, we learned and figured out a way. 

Parag and I are incredibly excited about what’s happening. We’re growing fast, building a Team and have a vision for where we want to take Revenue Conduit. 

We’re emboldened by all the success that you, our clients, are having by using Revenue Conduit for a deep, seamless connection between your online store and your marketing. 

This is not to say that all things are easy though - we are experiencing some growing pains. 

In the course of two weeks not too long ago, we grew our subscribers by 25%.

With the influx of subscribers came support requests and demands on our time.

It was eye-opening, to say the least.

Parag and I have always tried to approach Revenue Conduit with intention.

We try to be intentional in everything we do. We refuse to take short cuts.

We’re building Revenue Conduit for the long haul.

Our recent growth has lead us to review our plans and expedite a few things we intended to do down the line...

We’re in the process of bringing on two Account Managers that will be empowered to help you, our new and existing clients, implement and get the most out of Revenue Conduit. 

We just hired another developer to ensure our innovation continues unabated.

We just brought on another Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Justin Anderson, to work with our eCommerce Optimized Kickstart clients and on-going consulting clients.

And with the growth of our Team has come a need for me to focus more on the operations of the company.

A month or so ago, in the midst of an influx of customer support requests, with small brush fires popping up in various corners of the company, I felt like pulling my hair out.

Despite feeling like I did not have the time, I attended a Perry Marshall Mastermind Call. Perry had Tim Francis presenting on the topic of systematizing your business. 

Tim spoke about a book called "Work the System" written by a gentleman named Sam Carpenter. Everything Tim said resonated with me - the need to write what are called Working Procedures for each and every task that recurs inside your business. 

How these Working Procedures can make it easy to hire and train Team Members. How Working Procedures are really the key to scaling your business and not relying on your Team to read your mind in order to get stuff done.

Following the webinar, I bought the book and good old Amazon delivered it a few days later. I read the cover, opened the book, flipped through the pages, and then promptly put it on my pile of books beside the desk. 

There it sat for a few weeks.

Then, in another flurry of craziness, I started reading it and realized that the universe had conspired to give me exactly what I needed, when I needed it. 

I had found a method to systematize Revenue Conduit and scale the business.

I plowed through the book in about a week and literally finished it touching down in New Orleans for Yanik Silver’s Underground Conference.

On the first day of the conference, during a 15-minute break, I look up and spot none other than Sam Carpenter, the author of "Work the System"! 

The universe conspired to not only put the book in front of me but also the author! 

I told Sam what the book meant to me - how I thought it was a practical and powerful continuation of Gerber’s "e-Myth".

If you haven’t already, buy "Work the System", read it, work it, and then help us spread the word...

The universe also conspired to give me an opportunity to meet Perry Marshall at the Underground. Perry’s teachings have been instrumental to my personal growth as an entrepreneur. I bought "The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords" 5 or so years ago, attended his Bob Sled Run a few years later, and continue in his Mastermind Club to this day. 

Apart from meeting Sam and Perry, another huge highlight was hearing Clay Collins, the co-founder of LeadPages.net, speak about how he grew LeadPages from 0 to a $6.5 million dollar revenue run rate in 13 MONTHS!

How did he do it? Sure, he shared a bunch of clever and powerful marketing tactics. But outside of tactics, Clay has intentionally focused on making his product the best in the market. He has intentionally focused on taking no short cuts. 

Clay has focused on building a team of top-notch talent and, from the beginning, building the foundation of a strong company that can scale the right way. 

How does the CEO of a $6.5 million dollar company spend his time? 40% of his time is spent on hiring great people, 40% is spent on helping his Team get through road-bumps, and 20% is spent on strategy. 

As entrepreneurs, our job is to give other people jobs and to help them succeed. Think about that. I know I am...