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More than 22 million orders synced.
That’s an all-time gross merchandise value (GMV) of $5.5 billion

Technology that can transform your Ecommerce business.

Get active with your data.

Our ActiveCampaign–Shopify integration takes the data you’ve accumulated in Shopify and adds it seamlessly into ActiveCampaign


Our campaign builder enables you to do a variety of marketing actions based on what’s happening in your shopping cart system.


All your customer data is added to ActiveCampaign from Shopify, in real time. No exports. No hassle. Just live data at all times.


Carry over whatever you’re selling — from physical products to digital goods and services. It’s all available in ActiveCampaign.


Every order, every detail, every time. Capture the business you’re earning now that will help your business in the days ahead.

Make every opportunity a growth opportunity

Each customer interaction is a chance to make a sale — or encourage additional sales. Our growth tools allow you to do just that.

Order Confirmations

Turn receipts into revenue with additional offers placed in order confirmation emails with exceptionally high open rates.

Dynamic Coupon Codes

Create compelling offers for your customers that support new and repeat business and win back lost customers.

Native Abandoned Cart

Move more orders across the checkout line with built-in abandoned cart messages that can be sent whenever and as often as you want.

Support for More

You have a growing library of apps, and we have a growing library of solutions. Whatever the challenge, we’ll identify an opportunity.

A match that was meant to be

What’s better than Shopify alone? Combining it with an industry-leading marketing automation platform like ActiveCampaign.

Custom Properties

Your ActiveCampaign–Shopify integration features preset and custom fields to help you capture the information that matters most.

Intelligent Lists

We’ll segment customers into groups that make sense for your online business so you can quickly and easily target the right audience.

Intuitive Workflows

Based on industry best practices, we’ll create workflows that move information and tasks to where they need to be at the right time.

Strategy and Support

Unific unites Ecommerce with success. That can only be achieved when we work together. Get the support and strategy you need to succeed.

Take action with confidence

There’s nothing better than knowing what you should do next. Our ActiveCampaign–Shopify integration gives you the data you need to make informed decisions.

It All Starts with Data

Shopify is collecting information on your customers, products, and business every second. Unific helps you put it to use.

We Turn Insights into Action

When your data has charted a course for your next steps, our integration gives you the marketing you need to move forward.

Insights Arise From Data

Your data paints a picture — it shows you who your best customers are, what your best products are, and what marketing really works.

Learn from Action and Repeat

Your campaigns produce more data, which you can further refine and learn from to improve your efforts for better results and growth.

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