Our partnership with HubSpot has been long and fruitful as our systems works together to help e-commerce merchants achieve their business goals through different Hubs and features.

As we know HS is a robust system made up of module like Hubs, each with different features that provide different benefits to merchants.

You can find email, social reporting and scheduling, landing pages and more in the Marketing Hub, while dealing with sales pipelines and workflows in Sales Hub. This is the way it becomes a flexible tool for merchants to use depending on their business, budget and goals.

HubSpot is such a big platform it has its own marketplace, as you likely know, and being in it is key as this is where merchants can look for apps that help them use HubSpot to the tenth power!

This is why we have over 12 apps listed and all of our sync apps (4) are currently HubSpot certified!


12 Apps already listed!

We have designed several products for e-commerce merchants but one of the biggest is our Data Sync. Designed to bring data from your shopping cart (Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Magento 2) into HubSpot and effectively turn it into your source of truth.

But how? We have made sure the process of installing and using is as easy as possible.

  1. Easy set up: all you need to do is create a Unific account and connect both your HubSpot and cart. IT IS THAT SIMPLE! 
  1. Historical process: we help you bring any and all data that came before us, this allows you to recognize the data brought in by Unific and ensures that we only update records synced by us. 

    This means our data is reliable!

    What to do with past data once we the historical is done
     While we recommend deleting it to avoid duplicates, it is easy to filter out and keep in case you feel there in something you may need there.
  1. Customization and other apps: Now it’s time to customize the sync with custom properties you may need to power up your marketing or use other Unific tools like our Dynamic Coupons App, helping you create single use coupons directly from HubSpot.

Learn more about how our Dynamic Coupons and Dynamic Segments can work together to increase abandoned cart recovery in over 10% in 3 months reading our case study.

What does certified mean?

It means our apps comply with HubSpot most up to the date standards regarding data usage, quality, safety and more. You can find a detailed list here https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/certification-requirements

Not only do apps need to be certified but they are also re-certified as these standards change or get updated every year or so.

Holding a certified badge means we comply with HubSpot’s most up to date standards, likely having gone through a recertification process in the last year.

Merchants can easily recognize certified apps by the badge that will display on them when they find them in the Marketplace. We are very grateful to be Diamond HubSpot partners and will continue developing apps that help merchants all around the globe leverage HubSpot, increase their ROI and achieve their goals.

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More about our certified app: Sync by Unific