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Multi-Store Setup and Configuration

If you’re connecting more than one-store to HubSpot, we suggest buying Technical Onboarding. We have worked with merchants connecting up to nine different stores to HubSpot. Whether your various stores are based on different geographies, are different brands, or both, Unific Technical Onboarding can ensure you’re data sets are actionable within HubSpot and that you and your team know how to use Unific and HubSpot across your stores.

Integration Assistance

Magento and WooCommerce are powerful platforms due to being open source. You can customize them based on your unique business requirements. But with that customization comes complexity. Unific Technical Onboarding will ensure you have the support you need. Use cases for Technical Onboarding include:

  • Connecting to a staging environment prior to production
  • Working with your developers to ensure all your custom fields are available via the API for Unific to sync to HubSpot
  • Troubleshooting connection issues due to IP blocking, cart customizations or other reasons

Technical Onboarding packages start at $1,500. Schedule a call with us to discuss your specific needs.


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