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Lifecycle Optimization

Customer Lifecycle Optimization

Customer & Buying Pattern Assessment

You'll team up with your Ecommerce Growth Specialist to define the macro (broad) and micro-segments of your customer base and their nuances.


Next, we'll identify behaviors of top customers that can be used as leading indicators for more focused marketing attention.


This, along with your RFM data, will be the foundation for a lead scoring methodology implemented in HubSpot to build dynamic workflows and automate the customer lifecycle.

Customer Lifecycle Automation

With your customers defined, segmented and lead scoring operational we'll build the engine for automating your customer lifecycle marketing.


This includes workflows for every stage of the customer lifecycle:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Loyalty
  • Reactivation

Promotions Testing & Analysis

We believe in testing, and we never make assumptions for what types of promotions resonate better with your audience.


We'll consider all available options like cash discounts, percentage off, BOGO, etc. for continuous testing cycles and deploy the mix that delivers the best ROI, average order value and net profit.


We work with you to determine ideal advertising and/or discount budgets to maximize every dollar spent.

Workflow Monitoring & Optimization

With your workflows firing and transactional data being created at scale, we will dig in to find new levers to accelerate growth.


Your Ecommerce Growth Specialist will regularly review conversion rates, order values, latency, cross-campaign engagement and more to determine what tweaks or enhancements to test next.


This build-measure-learn feedback loop is at the core of a truly data-driven marketing methodology.

Email Program Optimization

Email Program Audit & Refresh

Campaign & Content Review

Your Ecommerce Growth Specialist will review all of your published campaigns and the related content to get a full understanding of the current state of your program.


They will also ensure your campaigns are appropriately mapped to the customer lifecycle and apply standardized naming conventions to streamline the optimization process.

Strategic Recommendations

Together we'll review your customer base and its buying patterns so we can establish the different levers in your program that can be manipulated and tested.


Next, your Ecommerce Growth Specialist will 1) recommend enhancements for your existing campaigns and 2) recommend new campaigns to test and measure effectiveness.


We'll then build a plan for implementation and schedule the execution of the recommended actions.

Performance Benchmarking

We will work together to establish a baseline of performance to benchmark against.


Install Unific-built ROI tracking reports and dashboards in HubSpot (if required) to better measure performance going forward.


These reports and dashboards are key to ensuring continuous improvement and the ability to quickly intervene where performance is sub-optimal.

Newsletters & Scheduled Promotions

We'll analyze your broader content and promotions calendar, including newsletter frequency and targeting.


We will collaborate to identify and establish specific newsletter segment lists and ensure any higher-value segments (ie, customers vs non-customers) send frequency is optimized. 


We'll also develop rules-based smart lists to ensure contacts are not suffering email saturation (one of the most observed conversion inhibitors!)


Custom Reporting & Dashboards

HubSpot Dashboards

Your Ecommerce Growth Specialist can ensure visibility into the outcomes resulting from your new data-driven strategy.


Compare and contrast key metrics like Average Order Value, Order Latency or Conversion Rates across different personas and audience segments with helpful charts and visuals in HubSpot.

Marketing Attribution

Understand the tactics and programs that are having the most impact on your success.


Plus, look across multiple campaigns and channels for trends or insights on what's influencing conversions. (ie. TV, podcasts, radio or social)

Highest ROI Activities

Take a deep dive into the things you are doing that have the most impact.


What can you be doing more of? What should you be doing less of? What should you stop doing altogether?


We will dig in, find out and build a mechanism for continued review.

Correlation & Causation

Drill into every variable (that we can report on) within your growth engine to understand impact and uncover new insights.

List Management

Lead Generation & List Management

Paid Social Media Advertising*

Extend your data-driven approach beyond the inbox. We can help you target, capture and convert prospects across any of the social media channels your brand is active on.

Search Engine Advertising*

Get found by people searching for your products on Google and Bing. Our paid search experts manage your account and optimize keyword targeting, bids and ad copy.

Chatbots, Pop-ups & Forms

Put some of HubSpot's newest and most advanced features to work on your website. Enable chatbots to offer discounts at the right time, or use pop-ups to capture more email addresses.

Advanced List Management

For vendors with complex audiences or custom data flows, we can ensure all of the mechanics are wired up correctly in HubSpot so you have all of the unique lists and segmentations needed to thrive.

Template Design

Design & Template Creation


Conversion assisting copy for your website, emails or ads at any stage of the customer lifecycle.

Graphic Design*

Assets for your design library including logos, iconography, imagery, illustration, animation and more.

Custom Layouts*

We can help design unique email and landing page templates that highlight your brand and purpose, but also converts leads into customers!

HubSpot COS*

We use the powerful web design platform in HubSpot to create flexible templates with drag-and-drop features so you can easily build your own campaign emails.

*Denotes service provided by Unific partners. Already have an agency providing these services to your business? Great! We work with your existing teams, internal and external, to deploy the data-driven strategies and tactics found by analyzing your data.

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