We have spent the better part of a year rebuilding our integrations platform. Focusing on being the most reliable, easy to use,  the fastest, and deepest suite of integrations for e-commerce. We built the first version of Revenue Conduit in 2012 and bootstrapped the growth until we raised investment capital in 2017. With that investment, we’re now taking our integrations platform to a whole new level.

In late 2017, our new brand Unific was launched as a series of Growth Tools for Shopify. These included segmented order confirmations, dynamic coupon code generation, and more. We’re now in the process of rebuilding our Revenue Conduit integrations on top of Unific. This combined product is a powerful solution built to help you grow while getting the most value from your e-commerce toolset as quickly as possible.

The new Unific/Revenue Conduit will be:

Foundational Integrations: 

Our integrations are the most reliable, easiest to use, the fastest, and deepest available. Your data is available where you need it, when you need, in the form you need it without worry or thought.

80/20 Analysis and RFM Segmentation:

Turn data into insights, insights into action, and action into growth.
Growth Tools:

Our growth tools are e-commerce specific functionality that compliment, enhance and amplify your marketing automation platform, shopping cart, and an increasing library of apps.

Foundational Integrations Roadmap

  • Segmented Order Confirmations (like Conversio, but integrated and seamless with your chosen marketing automation platform) – Complete
  • More powerful Dynamic Coupon Code Generator – Complete
    Integrate with HubSpot’s new API, Ecomm Bridge – Complete
  • Shopify with HubSpot Ecomm Bridge – In Final Testing
    Magento 2.0 to Unific/Revenue Conduit – In Development
    Rebuild our Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign integrations – In planning
  • Rebuild our WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, and Magento 1.X integrations – In planning
As we add your marketing automation platform and shopping carts to the new Unific/Revenue Conduit, you will be invited to switch over and start benefiting from all the added value.

80/20 Analysis and RFM Segmentation Report

RFM stands for recency, frequency, and monetary value. Basically, this is how recently a customer purchased, how often they purchased, and how much they spend. So, if you knew who your best customers were and how often they purchased from you, what could you do to grow your store? We're building this right into the system and giving retailers a clear view of their store.

Check out our sample report!

Growth Tools Product Roadmap

We see our role as making it possible for you, as an e-commerce company, to use these world-class platforms that are not built for e-commerce. We recognize that there are other email and automation tools that are built for e-commerce and include their own integration with your cart. The downside is that these lack massive amounts of features and functionality that the marketing automation platforms we integrate with include out of the box. Some of the tools we're building are:

  • Browse Abandonment
    • Dynamically insert into emails the products that your contact has viewed and not bought.
  • Product Recommendations
    • Dynamically insert into emails recommended products based on your contact’s purchase history, browsing history, along with your store’s historical orders.
  • Sync Segment
    • Everyone has seasonal customers that only buy, for instance, during the holidays. We’re going to make it possible for you to manage your costs and only sync a segment of your contacts to your marketing automation platform. You will even be able to sync another segment to a different platform like MailChimp. This will allow you to manage your costs without having to delete contacts and lose all of their engagement histories.

Looking Forward

We’ll be adding integrations with other commerce channels, marketing automation platforms, and third-party apps:
Amazon, Smile.io, YotPo, Squarespace – Under consideration