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More than 22 million orders synced.
That’s an all-time gross merchandise value (GMV) of $5.5 billion

It’s more than an integration. It’s a direction

Build your information foundation

The data you’ve collected in Shopify has power. But to use it effectively, you need to connect your cart with Infusionsoft


What happens in Shopify carries over into Infusionsoft, allowing you to benefit from automated workflows and more.


All manner of information about your customers is seamlessly transferred as part of your Infusionsoft-Shopify integration.


Capture information in Infusionsoft about your most popular products and services and create campaigns to leverage their success.


The makeup of your orders — recency, size, frequency, and more — provides not only great insights but also a marketing path to follow.


Make every opportunity count

Our growth tools allow you to leverage key moments and interactions that occur in your online business for continued growth.

Turn Receipts Into Revenue

Order confirmation emails have very high open rates. Our system allows you to encourage additional purchases and make offers in them.

Make Offers That Matter

Using the data from your systems, you can create dynamic coupon codes tailored to buyers’ behavior and history.

Rescue At-Risk Orders

Shoppers abandon carts frequently. Our integration lets you message abandoned cart owners to encourage order completion.

Right Tools, Right Job

You have a growing library of apps, and we have a growing library of solutions. Whatever the challenge, we’ll identify an opportunity.


Marketing automation tailored to you.

What works best for you is exactly what you get. When our Infusionsoft–Shopify Integration, you get a platform customized for your business.

Properties That Make Sense

Your Infusionsoft–Shopify integration includes numerous preset and custom fields to help you capture the data that matters most.

Lists That Leverage Data

Your integration comes with smart lists that segment customers by behavior, order history, volume, and more — automatically.

Workflows to Streamline Processes

Tasks, customer emails, internal notifications, and more are all set up for you to keep your online business running smoothly.

Grow Forth

Your integration give you the tools and functionality you need to achieve true growth. And it’s all part of your subscription.



Data that directs your strategy.

No more guessing. No more unfounded decision-making. Only data that shows you what to do, when to do it, and whom to target.

Start With Data

Shopify is collecting a wealth of information on your customers, products, and business every second for you to use in Infusionsoft.

Take Action

Your Infusionsoft–Shopify integration empowers you to take action on what you’ve learned from your data for growth.

Gain Powerful Insights

Your data shines a light on the customers, products, services, and other aspects of your business that you should focus on.

Do It Again

As you learn from your marketing efforts, you can continually refine, segment, and market to achieve even greater growth.


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