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More than 22 million orders synced.
That’s an all-time gross merchandise value (GMV) of $5.5 billion

Go big — bigger than ever before

All your data, altogether

Our Infusionsoft–BigCommerce integration transfers all the information your online business needs into your marketing automation platform.


Learn more about your customers with additional properties and fields automatically added to your data.


Whatever the interaction, our integration ensures it has a spot in one of the most advanced marketing systems available.


Identify the products and services that your customers want and leverage them for even greater revenue and growth.


Prepare for the future by learning from the past. All your BigCommerce order history is seamlessly transferred into HubSpot.


Enhance your revenue opportunities

Engage with current customers to drive repeat business and encourage lost customers to return to complete their purchases

Abandoned Cart Messages

Are your shoppers leaving their carts full? It’s a common problem, but our abandoned cart messages are an effective solution.

Coupon Code Generation

Our Infusionsoft–BigCommerce integration features dynamic coupon code creation so you can make the right offer at the right time.

Order Confirmation Emails

Make compelling offers and encourage repeat business in emails that customers expect to receive — and open often.

Maintain the Momentum

Integration was the first step. If you want to take your business to the next level, our growth specialists can work with you to do just that.


An integration intelligently implemented

Our Infusionsoft–BigCommerce integration enhances and expands every aspect of your Ecommerce data and how you use it for growth

Custom Properties

Your integration features unique fields that capture data specific to Ecommerce so that you always have the information you need.

Intelligent Lists

Your Infusionsoft–BigCommerce integration comes with smart lists that organize your customers based on best practices.

Streamlined Workflows

We applied our extensive Ecommerce experience in building revenue-growing, custom workflows. Now, they’re all yours.

Continued Support

Need some help? Want to work with a growth specialist? Our team is here to help your business succeed in online sales.


Follow a map drawn by data.

When you integrate Infusionsoft and BigCommerce, you get more than data. You get a course that’s been charted for the growth of your business.

An Information Revolution

Data is how you know what to do next. Our Infusionsoft–BigCommerce integration provides you with the data you need.

Coordination, Not Confusion

Having a direction eliminates hesitation. Know what to do next in your online business with the data and insights you receive.

Immediate Insights

Discover your best customers, products, campaigns, and more — all revealed by the data your integration provides.

Analyze, Learn, Act

Enhance your campaigns and repeat the process to continually refine the data-driven journey your integration reveals.


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