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How You Use Your Data Matters

Through our current integration platform, Revenue Conduit, we can connect popular shopping cart systems — Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce — with the industry-leading marketing automation capabilities of Infusionsoft. These integrations help you put the data your online business is generating every second to use, enhancing and accelerating your growth.

Enhance Time to Value

We don’t just enhance growth, however. We also enhance time to value. Both your shopping cart and marketing automation platform are expenses, so it’s important that you see real value from them as quickly as possible.

We achieve this for you by making the integration process automatic. With an Infusionsoft Ecommerce integration, everything you need to get going is created for you, and it’s all part of your Infusionsoft Ecommerce subscription.
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Gather more info from your shoppers

Your Infusionsoft Ecommerce integration comes with pre-mapped fields that allow you to capture more in-depth information about your customers.
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Marketing System

Effectiveness that’s effortless

Automate marketing messages, confirmations, coupons, and more using pre-built lists and workflows that help you target the right customers.
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Case Studies

Ecommerce success starts here

Learn how our Infusionsoft Ecommerce integrations have helped online businesses across the world experience incredible growth.

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The right option for your business.

Our Infusionsoft Ecommerce integrations fit many popular carts, but they’re not one-size-fits-all. We customize your integration for your goals.

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