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Dynamic Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are one of the most powerful eCommerce growth tools for enabling sales. Everyone likes a discount or special offer, and often, coupon codes are the nudge buyers need to purchase. While standard discounts and special offers are a great for first-time sales, dynamic coupon codes are even better because you can customize the offer based on a variety of criteria.

Unific allows you to create and send virtually any type of coupon code within your campaigns. Options include setting specific discounts for additional purchases, tailoring offers to specific products/collections or to include expirations, requiring a minimum order amount, earning free shipping, and more. Create single-use codes and automate reminders to your leads. Of course, you get the data insight you need to identify the most compelling offers so you can leverage their success in your future campaigns.
dynamic-coupon-codes-960Created with Sketch. Coupon Value Applies To Active Dates Entire order Selected products Date in the future Between specific dates Percentage Discount type 15% off fathers day 2018 Coupon Snippet Name Search Products 30 Expires in days % 15 Discount value Coupon Code Format Firstname Custom Word / Merge Field FATHERSDAY Custom Word / Merge Field Sample: KEVIN-FATHERSDAY-DJCLKAB-2018 AUTOGENERATED Custom Word / Merge Field - - - 2018 Custom Word / Merge Field Coupon Generators / New Coupon Generator
Dynamic Coupon Code Generator

Abandoned Cart Messages

On average, 69.23% of all shopping carts are abandoned. With that many shopping carts left sitting just clicks away from becoming completed orders, the amount of lost revenue can be staggering. While different platforms offer solutions for recovering abandoned carts, Unific takes it further than a standard canned “forgetting something” email.

With Unific’s powerful integrations, you can segment based the products and collections in the cart as well as the data you have about your customer to recover carts faster. Send second and third emails to recover an additional 50% of abandoned carts. Create delays to give customers time — or don’t to keep buyer interest piqued. Customize recovery automation however and for as long you want. Then, sit back and watch those abandoned carts race across the checkout line.
Abandoned Cart Email Designed in HubSpot with data from Unific.

Segmented Order Confirmations (coming soon)

All too often, eCommerce businesses focus their efforts on marketing emails instead of transactional emails like order confirmations. With 60–70% open rates, transactional emails give you a huge opportunity to connect with customers and drive more revenue. When a customer places an order, the confirmation email they receive should contain more than just order details — it should recommend similar products, enable social sharing, encourage leaving a review, share content, and more.

With Unific, you can turn your receipts into revenue by sending segmented order confirmations to new customers, repeat buyers, and VIPs. Segment based on product and collection data, and even start lifecycle campaigns that begin with an order confirmation. It can all be done automatically, so you can focus on other tasks with the confidence that you’re getting the most out of each order.
campaign-builder-order-confirmationCreated with Sketch. End Goal New Order Event Total Order Value greater than $500 Send Email VIP Customers Order Confirmation 11:07 AM JAN 3, 2017 New Campaign Library Campaign title Campaigns / Publish Save Draft < Back to campaigns list
Unific's Campaign Builder with an Order Confirmation Email Set to
Send if certain criteria are met

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