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Champions big spenders


Big Spenders



promising customers



new customers New Customers poor


Low Value

Who are my Champions? Are my New Customers progressing and growing in value? 

Customer Segmentation is key to any customer marketing strategy, but trying to uncover key segments from mountains of data is like finding a needle in a haystack.

SegLogic identifies actionable differences in customer behavior and divides your audience into distinct groups. Saving you time and effort. 

Act on Transitions to Improve Retention







at risk customers


Churn Risk

lost customers



Quickly identify customers moving from one segment to another and fine-tune your engagement efforts.

Are Champions starting to Drift? Engage them with some of your most popular products. Are you losing New Customers? Reactivate them with a time boxed offer.

Send the right message at the right time

Unific AutoSeg

  • Turn Prospects into New Customers
  • Convert New Customers into Promising Customers
  • Retain Promising Customers and move them to either Loyalists or Big Spenders
  • Retain Loyalists and Big Spenders while nurturing them into Champions
  • Re-engage Drifting Customers
  • Recover Churn Risk Customers
  • Win back Lost Customers


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Don't waste time on cumbersome buyer persona projects.
Don't waste money on expensive "data scientists".

Most Popular!


Up to 25,000 Customers


Up to 250,000 Customers


Up to 500,000 Customers

Take the power of your data in your hands.

Are there gaps in your customer retention strategy?

Analyze your customer base to identify trends in the movement of customers throughout your journey. Turn Data Into Insights & Insights Into Actionable Strategies For Growth


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Expose any gaps where you are losing customers

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Compare segments to show where your most/least valuable customers are





Champions are your most valuable customers and most raving fans. 

They spend the most often, in the highest quantities, and have the highest lifetime revenue.

Big Spenders



Big Spenders purchase irregularly, but when they make a purchase it's big.


They spend the least often and have relatively large order values.




Loyalists purchase regularly but don't spend very much at once.


They spend very often with relatively low order values.

Promising Customers



Promising customers have shown a desire to continue purchasing but don't have enough history to be identified as Loyalists or Big Spenders.

New Customers



New Customers are those who have placed a single order.


Everyone starts as a New Customer and with proper nurturing moves on to other segments.

Low Value



Low Value customers most likely fall out of your target audience.


They only purchased once, quite a while ago, with a pretty low order value. 



Customers who have purchased recently and are within a normal repurchase window.


Customers who have purchased recently and are falling out of the normal repurchase window.

Churn Risk

Customers who have not purchased recently and moderately outside of a normal repurchase window.


Customers who have not purchased recently and are significantly outside of the normal repurchase window.

Rather than creating generic definitions for repurchase dates, we dynamically update the average days between orders based on your stores latest data.

Giving you the most accurate and the most up to date information about your customers.

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Frequently asked questions

Where will I see my
customer data?

We will sync the different customer segments into HubSpot, as well as make them available in your Unific dashboard.

How often do you sync segments?

Pretty instantly! Our segmentation is tied to our live order sync into HubSpot, so when a new customer is added or they change segment groups, those segments will update as soon as the HubSpot order is synced over.

Can I set up HubSpot lists with this data?

Yes! We sync these segments into HubSpot using a single custom property.


You'll be able to create Active Lists that combine this segmentation with other data like email engagement, abandoned cart info, and site browsing content.

Can I see the criteria for each segment?

Yes, for each automatically generated segment we will clarify the ranges for each group, which will be specific to your business.


For example, a "Big Spender" for one business might  be customers who place a $5000 order and for another business those might be a $600 order. Our software ranks all of your order history to determine the largest 20% of orders that would be a "big order" for your business.

Will my segments
change over time?

Yes, as your business grows your segment groups should grow and change with your business, automatically. 


Our software updates the segment ranges based on your data and will let you know when and how the segments changed. You can then update your marketing messaging, accordingly.

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Turn Data Into Insights & Insights Into Actionable Strategies For Growth