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Deep Data Analysis Uncovers Hidden Insight

If you are like many merchants we work with, you don’t have the time to dedicate to a meticulous analysis of your shopping cart data. It probably also does not make sense to hire a data scientist to crunch the numbers all day, every day. We will put your shopping cart customer data through a series of tests including 80/20 analysis and RFM segmentation, splice in engagement data from HubSpot, and get a readout of what opportunities may be hidden within.


By drilling into order volume, order amount, the time between orders and other key ecommerce metrics, along with engagement data from HubSpot our team will find your next moves.

Actionable, Growth-bound Recommendations

Using the data analysis as a guiding framework, our ecommerce growth strategists will map out a tactical plan of attack for you or your team to follow over the next weeks or months. These growth-bound actions will be rooted in ecommerce best practices but calibrated for product fit, customer preference and timing.


There is no definitive number of recommended actions that will be delivered, some will deliver incremental gains, others might contribute to explosive growth. What’s important is that they will always be data-informed, so you’ll never be guessing about what to do next.

Accelerate The Build, Measure, Learn Feedback Loop

The best part of running a methodical, data-informed marketing strategy is that every action or tactic executed generates more data for us to measure and learn from. As more information is analyzed our ecommerce growth strategists get more in-tune with your business and can zero in on the ideal tactics to execute and overall strategies to incorporate into your growth planning.

Let Our Experts Do The Work

Your subscription to Unific with the Commerce GPS add-on includes up to four (4) hours per month of support for implementation in your HubSpot account. This will cover general campaign or tactic set-up leveraging existing assets, but does not cover items such as copywriting, design services or extensive iterative edits. If you need additional support hours or execution help we offer growth services packages to complement your existing resources.


Unific is the first HubSpot partner to be recognized top-tiered for both development (HubSpot Connect) and agency (Diamond). We're uniquely positioned to deliver ecommerce growth services to help you meet and exceed your sales goals.

Your Commerce GPS Subscription Includes

80/20 RFM Cohort Analysis

Your customer data will be continually analyzed by the Unific platform to ensure timely information is going into each set of recommendations.

Recommendations & Consultation

Based on the frequency you choose in your plan, we will deliver 1 - 5 actionable recommendations based on the analysis of your customer data. We will review and consult on the recommendations over a 30-minute call with you as well.

Unific Implementation Support

Based on the plan you choose, you will receive up to four (4) hours per month of implementation support by your ecommerce growth specialist.

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