Vireo Health is a physician-founded, patient-focused company dedicated to providing best-in-class cannabis-based products and unrivaled care. Vireo Health integrates best-in-class medical, scientific, and engineering practices into the cannabis industry. 

The challenges/problems they were facing

Vireo Health wanted to improve their retention strategies by sending refill reminders to their customers. This would help increase repeat purchases and customer loyalty. In addition, they wanted to organize their marketing efforts with HubSpot in order to optimize their abandoned cart emails and other marketing campaigns. However, they faced a unique challenge in that they had multiple stores in different locations, each with its own set of regulations to follow. 

This made it difficult to manage their marketing efforts effectively across all locations. Additionally, their business processes were not fully optimized to support their multi-location operations, which resulted in inefficiencies and difficulties in following regulations. 

Finally, their WooCommerce order statuses were not fully aligned with their business processes, which caused confusion and errors in order fulfillment. Overall, Vireo Health needed a solution that could help them improve their retention strategies, organize their marketing efforts, and optimize their business processes to support their multi-location operations and comply with regulations.

Why did they select Unific?

Vireo Health selected Unific because of the company's expertise in ecommerce data analysis and automation. Unific is a Diamond Agency partner of HubSpot, known for its high quality customer experience and retention products that are known in the ecosystem. Additionally, Unific's team of experts had a deep understanding of the ecommerce industry and a proven track record of helping companies like Vireo Health improve their marketing and sales results.

Vireo Health was impressed by Unific's ecommerce data sync product, which is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for customer retention right out of the box. This product seamlessly works with all of HubSpot's tools and allows Vireo Health to easily access and organize customer data across multiple platforms. Additionally, Unific's data sync product is designed to automate repetitive tasks and processes, which will save Vireo Health time and resources while also providing a more efficient and effective customer retention strategy. Overall, Unific's data sync product aligns perfectly with Vireo Health's goals of improving customer retention and streamlining business processes.

How has Unific helped?

Unific put together a customized package to help with their business processes. The team tackled that for each location and were able to address all of Vireo Health's needs, including implementing a system for sending refill reminders to customers, organizing and optimizing their marketing campaigns through HubSpot, and updating their business processes to support multiple locations and comply with regulations in each state. 

Additionally, the Unific team worked closely with Vireo Health to tailor their WooCommerce order statuses to match their specific business needs. The team took a thorough, data-driven approach to ensure that the solutions implemented were tailored to Vireo Health's unique requirements and would deliver the desired results. They also closely monitored the progress of the project to ensure that it was on track and made adjustments as needed. Overall, the Unific team was able to provide Vireo Health with a customized package that effectively addressed all of their business needs and helped them improve their customer retention efforts.

Analyze, Take Action, Study Results, Repeat

Unific ran a Customer Segmentation Report to analyze their customer’s purchase behaviors and found opportunities for growth.

Analysts put Vireo Health’s data through a series of tests of the top 1%, 5%, 10% and 20% total customer base across the following criteria:

  • Total Number of Orders
  • Average Number of Orders
  • Repeat Buyers
  • Revenue from Repeat Buyers
  • Total Customers
  • Total Value of Orders
  • Average Order Value 
  • Average Customer Lifetime Value 

Unific team created

  • Comprehensive report with the results of the analysis
  • Strategic data-driven recommendations

Key opportunities uncovered:

Win-back campaign

  • Typical customer buys monthly
  • Recency analysis uncovered 65% of customers hadn’t purchased in at least 60 days
  • Indicated win-back will have high probability of generating additional revenue for Vireo

Promo code optimization

  • Split test discount amounts
  • Higher discounts had an 8x return on discount spend
  • Lower discounts had a 15x return on discount spend
  • Lower discounts encouraged cart purchases that were 20% greater than the higher discount

What’s next?

Vireo has shown interest in Unific’s Dynamic Segments product to create segments automatically in their HubSpot portal in addition to the Dynamic Coupons and Data Sync products they already use.