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Company Details

Industry: Vaporizers
Location: Bali
Website: www.VeppoCig.com
Shopping Cart: Bigcommerce Result Summary

Solution Summary

New Lead Capture, Nurture & Conversion Campaign

Results Summary

$48K in new revenue in the first 7 months

The Challenge

Mailchimp was not cutting it. Veppo wanted to implement a complete marketing system that included lead generation, new customer welcome, customer re-engagement and replenishment campaigns. Despite a fast-growing online store, Veppo was not taking advantage of the low-hanging fruit opportunities.

The Solution

Unific (formerly Revenue Conduit) helped Veppo begin installing the Attract, Convert and Retain Marketing System. The initial focus was on lead capture, nurture and conversion. A popup webform was installed on the website and the New Lead Capture, Nurture & Conversion Campaign was implemented.

veppo new lead

The Results

Within the first 7 months, the New Lead Capture, Nurture & Conversion Campaign generated $48,637 in revenue. Of the total revenue, $24,579 was from first-time buyers. The first-time buyers went on to purchase a total of $57,715 in merchandise.

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