Autosports Designs Inc. is a well-established company that has been serving automotive enthusiasts for over 30 years. They provide a full range of services, including sales, service, and restoration, and are proud to be a factory-authorized dealer for Lotus automobiles. Autosport Designs, a division of Autosports Designs Inc., has a wealth of experience in buying, selling, servicing, and tuning some of the world's most famous marques.


Autosports Designs Inc. recognized that they needed to improve their marketing by using more automation. They also wanted to use Ecommerce best practices to retain more customers and use their own data to understand customer behavior and increase customer engagement. It was important to them to professionalize their systems and make it a real business.

Why Unific:

Autosports Designs Inc. was looking for a solution that could help them overcome these challenges and drive more sales. They liked what they saw in HubSpot, and they researched several options and found that Unific in the HubSpot ecosystem was the best fit for their needs. Unific is an integrations and retention platform for ecommerce that can help Autosports Designs Inc. streamline their sales process, increase customer engagement and improve their customer retention.

How Unific helped:

One of the key areas where Unific helped Autosports Designs Inc. was in the implementation of a smart abandoned cart campaign. Autosports Designs Inc. originally had no abandoned cart campaign in place to communicate with prospects who quit checkout. Unific helped Autosports Designs Inc. to create a base conversion rate for those who quit checkout by adding 3 follow-up emails. The first email was a soft reminder to return to their cart sent starting 1hr after abandon. The 2nd and 3rd email included a 10% off expiring coupon (with Unific Dynamic Coupons) to encourage the customer to return to their cart and complete the purchase.


The results of the abandoned cart campaign were impressive. Over a period of 168 days, 24.14% of all customers who bought from Autosports Designs Inc. had delayed their purchase long enough to receive an Abandoned Cart email during their purchase process. For campaign recipients, the overall conversion rate was 19.35%. This represents a significant increase in sales and customer engagement for Autosports Designs Inc.

What's Next:

Autosports Designs Inc. is pleased with the results of the abandoned cart campaign and is considering other Unific capabilities to further improve their sales process and customer engagement. They are also looking to expand their online presence and are exploring new marketing strategies to attract more customers and increase brand awareness.