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"Before we found Unific, we launched with another application that linked HubSpot with Shopify. Within a very short period, we noticed that we were in trouble. The other company was not responsive, and their support was severely lacking. That's when we started to look for another solution. We found Unific and quickly realized that we found the right company to partner with. We had many questions once we jumped on and we made many errors on our part, but Unific's support has been great. They have answered all of our questions and resolved all our errors to provide great value to our clients. Thank you Daniel and the Unific team."
Etienne Turner
Co-Founder and Senior Inbound Marketing Manager

Grow your agency with the power of ecommerce data

Build and Optimize Lifecycle Workflows

Agencies that partner with Unific can depend on a reliable, fast, easy-to-use and deep data sync to build a reliable, steady stream of retainer work. Growing merchants leave a lot of ROI on the table. As order volumes grow, there is a huge opportunity to segment deeper. As an example, start with building a single abandoned cart recovery workflow. As the volume of abandoned carts grows, you can build an abandoned cart recovery workflow for contacts that have never bought before, another workflow for customers about to make their second purchase, and still another workflow that is based on a particular product. Each of these workflows represents an opportunity for you to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time on behalf of your client, delivering an increasing amount of ROI.

Turn Data Into Insights & Insights Into Action

Leverage Unific’s proprietary 80/20 Analysis and RFM Segmentation report to uncover opportunities for growth that are deeply hidden in your client’s data. For instance, a Unific report recently uncovered that a single metric generated from the first order strongly indicated the likely Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customer. Here’s the average First Order Value across the customer-base:

  • Top 1% of Customers: $67.49
  • Top 5% of Customers: $55.23
  • Top 20% of Customers: $48.99
  • All Customers: $35.98

Expand Your Retainers into Sales & Service Hub

Unific syncs nearly 150 properties to HubSpot across the Contact, Deal and Product/Order Items objects. Additionally, we have support for custom properties within the shopping cart. This data can be leveraged across all three Hubs. Many Unific customers have both ecommerce and B2B sales. While other Unific customers are using third-party ticketing systems. Grow your sold and managed MRR by offering services around all three Hubs.
Unific provides value to you with sales enablement, onboarding, and client retention. Use Unific’s free forever account with a HubSpot free CRM account to demonstrate value. Use Unific’s provided marketing system of segmented customer smart lists and workflow templates to compress time-to-value during client onboarding. Lastly, use Unific’s reliable data sync and reporting to continuously find more opportunities for additional workflows and segmentation.  

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