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Benefits of partnering with us

Earn additional revenue

Unific partners are paid a commission for every new client they refer to us. This can be a meaningful revenue stream for your business, and includes all Unific software and analytics packages.

Schedule a call with us to learn more about how our referral commission plans work.

We are data-driven

Everything we do revolves around data. Whether it's syncing data from a client's shopping cart to HubSpot to analyzing their customer's buying behavior or product mix... the numbers guide all decision making ... and our customers win because of it.


You can be confident when referring your clients to Unific that they will be working with a partner as growth-obsessed and passionate as you are.

Fill operational gaps

Perhaps the best reason to partner with Unific is that we know what we are good at. We know how to help ecommerce merchants grow using data, and we stay in our wheelhouse.


Our partners see us as a "secret weapon" to make their client relationships stronger. You benefit from the ability to take advantage of our ecommerce analytics and integrations expertise while managing the diverse range of other needs your client has.


In addition, we don't require or force you or your clients to work with Unific for anything more than is needed. Every client has different needs and we are here to help in any way we can.


Have questions? Schedule a call with us and let's talk.

"Before we found Unific, we launched with another application that linked HubSpot with Shopify. Within a very short period, we noticed that we were in trouble. The other company was not responsive, and their support was severely lacking. That's when we started to look for another solution.

We found Unific and quickly realized that we found the right company to partner with. We had many questions once we jumped on and we made many errors on our part, but Unific's support has been great. They have answered all of our questions and resolved all our errors to provide great value to our clients. Thank you Daniel and the Unific team."
Etienne Turner
Co-Founder and Senior Inbound Marketing Manager

Ready to get started? Let's set up a time to chat about your business, goals and how we can help you make your customers more successful.