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Company Details

Industry: Supplements
Location: Bellingham, WA
Website: www.seekinghealth.com
Shopping Cart: Magento

Solution Summary

Customer Reengagement Campaigns 
and a New Lead Capture, 
Nurture & Conversion Campaign

Results Summary

$123K in new revenue in the first 6 months

The Challenge

Despite a growing online store, Seeking Health knew they could be doing more. Prior to signing up for Infusionsoft, Seeking Health was using Mailchimp to “batch and blast” the same message to all subscribers. Plus, growing sales masked the fact that many customers were not buying a second or third time.

The Solution

Seeking Health signed up for Infusionsoft and Revenue Conduit, and worked with Revenue Conduit to begin implementing the Attract, Convert and Retain Marketing System. As a first step, Revenue Conduit imported all of Seeking Health’s historical customers, orders and products into Infusionsoft. During the import process, the Revenue Conduit application calculated for each customer the following metrics:
  • Total Order Value
  • Average Order Value
  • Total Number of Orders
  • First Order Date
  • First Order Value
  • Last Order Date
  • Last Order Value
  • Average Days Between Orders
After importing all of Seeking Health’s historical data, we performed an 80/20 analysis. Among other findings, we revealed that 85% of the customer base has only bought once!

Based on the 80/20 analysis, we built a Reengagement Campaign that focused on all customers that had only bought once. The campaign included three segments based on the data of last order.

In addition to the Reengagement Campaign, we also launched a Lead Capture, Nurture & Conversion Campaign.

The Results

Within a week and a half, the Reengagement Campaign drove more than $30,000 in new revenue. In the first six months, the New Lead Capture, Nurture & Conversion campaign has driven $57,000 in revenue.

Further, an additional Reengagement Campaign was recently launched. It drove an additional $36,000 in revenue.

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