Many of the businesses that we analyze are incredibly successful at eCommerce. In fact, many of the businesses we look at are exclusively eCommerce based, or have only been around since eCommerce became a main revenue generator for most industries.

However, there are plenty of businesses that started in brick-and-mortar retail that are trying to transition into the eCommerce space. The company we’re looking at today is one of them.

The business we’re examining has existed for multiple decades, and they sell specialized apparel where a percentage of the profits go to charitable causes. While the overall business has existed for quite some time, they only recently created an eCommerce arm to the company. Unfortunately, their online sales have been slower to grow, and are compromised mainly of 1-time buyers who enjoy the novelty of buying an item that helps out a cause, but don’t turn into repeat shoppers.

What are some things they can do to remedy this?

Well, let’s talk about a few things they’re doing to attract customers. Here is one of the things you immediately see upon visiting the website:

A large sale staring you in the face isn’t a bad way to start things off. However, there are two problems with this.

  1. It’s not a personalized sale or offer. We encourage many of the companies to try and present new customers with a personalized discount when they first arrive at your site as a quick way to start developing a relationship. However, the bigger issue is that…
  2. They have no funnel designed to take in customer info until you get to the check-out. They don’t get any information from their potential buyer until they’ve browsed the site, chosen their items, and decided to check out.

This means they are missing HUGE opportunities to go after new customers, as well as re-engage customers who were close to buying and didn’t finish the deal. After all, you can’t do a missed cart campaign if you don’t have any information on the customer, and the same with remarketing to those who’ve already bought or got partway through the sale funnel.

All of these possibilities rely on getting customer info before the final check-out, so they should do their best to set-up a funnel on their homepage that gives a customer an additional discount for signing up with them, or giving their email. This at least gives them something to work with early in the transaction, and how they choose to use it is their decision.

Another issue is general messaging. Many of this organization’s profits go towards helping the community, however, they don’t really talk about it much on the website, even though it’s listed on most of their social channels. This is another large missed opportunity, as they could also just run donation campaigns with their sales funnels, which they don’t seem to be heavily invested in at the moment. It’s also good messaging that should just be emphasized as it may makes customers purchase multiple times with them, rather than spending their money at a company where none of their purchase dollars will go to charity.

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